Is Your Kitchen a Selling Point?

Kitchen CleaningWhen you are looking to sell your home it is only natural that you want it to look the best it can be in order to appeal to potential new owners.  For many people the kitchen is the heart of the home and a great kitchen is a clinching factor for home hunters both young and old.

If your kitchen was installed a while ago and is starting to look a bit tired, don’t despair. There are a number of simple do-it-yourself fix-it’s that you can try which will help bring back the sparkle to your appliances. These simple changes can transform your kitchen’s all-important first impression.

We look at some of the easiest appliance fix-it’s in more detail below:

1. Spruce Up The Cooker

Whether you have an integrated oven and hob or a freestanding model, if it is missing a control knob or the dials have faded it will instantly make your appliances look dated and leave potential suitors under-whelmed.

Replacing the aesthetic parts on a cooker, such as the control knobs, is usually really simple and inexpensive. A replacement control knob usually costs around £7 or 8 and they will simply push or clip in place.

It probably goes without saying but you should also give your hob and the outside of your oven and thorough clean. Investing in products such as a good quality hob restorer will give your hob a polished finished, making it appear as new.

2. Tackle Fridge Freezer Marks and Scratches

Fridge freezers are large, imposing appliances that are sure to catch the eye of viewers. They can be an impressive feature of a kitchen but if it’s scuffed, smudged and scratched it is more likely to be an eyesore.

If your fridge freezer, or any other white kitchen appliance, has been scratched then it is definitely worth investing in some appliance touch-up paint. These little pots can be chosen to exactly match the finish of your particular appliance and they only cost in the region of £10-15. If you have more unsightly problems such as large dents then it is also possible to replace doors and housing on some appliances, but be careful as these can be more expensive.

If you have stainless steel appliances then you should use a good quality cleaner to remove finger marks

Kichen Appliance Spare Parts

3. Tidy Up the Garden

Making the right first impression matters and that might start even before the potential purchasers have got in the house. It is important to make sure the outside is aesthetically pleasing and this includes the garden. Why not take the time to ensure the lawn is cut, hedges are nicely trimmed and patios or drives are weed free. You can buy all there parts and spares you need to tackle outdoor challenges including lawnmower blades and trimmer line at BuySpares.

4. Show Your Home in the Right Light

You want visitors to see you home in all its glory. Lighting is widely regarded as being very important when it comes to creating the right ambience in your home and having dud light bulb just doesn’t give the impression of a well-kept house. You can buy replacement light bulbs of all wattage and fitting type at BuySpares.

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