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7 foods to help you stay hydrated in the heat

Woman drinking water in the heat

As summer has officially arrived, hot foods that kept you sustained in the previous months don’t seem as appealing. Drinking plenty of water a day can also seem daunting, however there are a number of foods that have a naturally high water content and can help keep you cool. They are also healthy for you too!

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10 bicarbonate of soda hacks for the home

Bicarbonate of soda in a jar

Bicarbonate of soda also known as baking soda, is more than just a raising agent used in baking your favourite treats. It is a natural kitchen staple with multiple uses around the home, such as deodorising and cleaning.  Take a look at just some of the uses for this incredibly versatile product.

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Ideas to Make Your Home Smell Christmassy

Mulled wine with spices

With a few weeks to go until Christmas, you will find an abundance of Christmas scented items in shops, ready to get your home smelling and feeling festive. However, if you aren’t a fan of artificial scents you can try making your own homemade ones and incorporate them into decorations. Take some inspiration from these ideas.

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10 New Year’s Party Planning Tips

New Years Clock In Snow

Whether it’s been the best year ever or you’re glad to see the back of it, 2016 is coming to an end. What better way to celebrate out with the old and in with the new than a New Year’s party? If you’re hosting this year, here are some tips to help you have an amazing get together (with a little help from your appliances).

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Warning: Millions of Homes Unprepared for Football Fever!

Football Goalkeeper Diving Out Of Screen

The highly anticipated 2016 UEFA Euro football tournament kicks off tomorrow which is great news for football enthusiasts. If you’re a hardcore fan you may even have booked time off work to watch the crucial games or invited friends over to support your team in a show of solidarity. But it’s not all fun and games!

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