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How to Get the Perfect Holiday Photos

How to Get the Perfect Holiday Photos

Wherever you’re going on holiday this summer, memories will be made and understandably you’ll want to capture these to look back on one day. Key to capturing such memories is to get the right camera and camera accessories. To help you make the most out of your holiday snaps, we’ve compiled the following checklist…Read more

Get Your Student Essentials From BuySpares

It is that time of year again when the students go back to university. Whether it’s you that is starting your studies or a family member – it always pays to be prepared. For many, going to university is likely to be the first time out of home and while it is a fantastic opportunity to develop some life skills, it is beneficial to ensure that the essentials are in place to make the transition easier.

At BuySpares we have everything a student needs to settle seamlessly into student life and student accommodation.Read more

Is Your TV Ready for the Summer of Sport?

Get Your TV ReadyIf you’re not lucky enough to be going to Rio then you’re likely to be watching the games at home on TV or perhaps you’re having a BBQ or party to support your team with friends and family. To ensure your viewing goes without a hitch you will need to ensure both your TV and outside space are kept in the best possible condition.Read more

Protect Your Phone With 7 Vibrant Shades

iPhone CaseThe number of people using smartphones in the UK is on the up and this trend shows no sign of stopping. Smartphones do far more than the traditional mobile phones. They let you browse the web wherever you go, listen to music and watch videos. The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones currently available and they can be expensive, so keeping it protected should always be a priority.Read more

Get Fit in Time For The Holiday Season!

Beach Body ReadyWith less than 100 days until the Olympics, and all the talk of the London Marathon, you may be feeling inspired to get fit. As we all know, a new season is fast approaching so you may also be thinking about getting into shape in time for your summer holiday. If you’re contemplating taking up walking, running, jogging or dancing, then music on your smart phone is a must have!Read more

Make Sure Your Tablet Is Up To Scratch

In terms of internet browsing, things have moved on a lot in recent years and people now have access to the web wherever they go. This is due to the prevalence to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The popularity of these portable devices is on the rise and if you’ve recently purchased one, then we’ve got all the tablet accessories you need to keep it in ‘as new’ condition.Read more