Is Your TV Ready for the Summer of Sport?

Get Your TV ReadyIf you’re not lucky enough to be going to Rio then you’re likely to be watching the games at home on TV or perhaps you’re having a BBQ or party to support your team with friends and family. To ensure your viewing goes without a hitch you will need to ensure both your TV and outside space are kept in the best possible condition.

In this post we suggest a few things to check and do to ensure you’re prepared. Firstly, you will want to check you have everything you need for the TV. Items like remote controls can easily become lost or damaged; sometimes they are even chewed up by the dog! If your remote has been misplaced or is on the blink then you should buy a replacement. There are a number of options available. These include buying a genuine like for like remote manufactured by the same brand as the TV. If you opt to do this then you may well need your TV’s model number to locate the right remote control. Other options include universal remotes that can be programmed to control multi-devices and non-genuine replacements that have been manufactured by a third party. These compatible remotes can often be less expensive than buying genuine, so it is worth comparing and weighing up the pros’ and cons’.

To get the best possible picture quality you might be watching the games in high definition (HD), if this is the case then you will want to make sure you have any cabling or connectivity you need, such as HDMI cables. You should also consider whether you need to purchase an extension lead, especially if you are moving your TV from its regular position to the garden, for example. At BuySpares you can purchase cables and remotes for TVs from all the leading brands, including Samsung and Sony, as well as a wide array of wall mounts and brackets, so you can give your TV pride of place on the wall.

the summer of sports

Once you’ve sorted the TV, it’s on to the garden and outside seating. We all hope that we get sunny weather for the summer of sport to come, and if we do then it won’t take long to break out the BBQ. You will want to make sure your patio or decking isn’t an eyesore, and that you lawn is looking neat and tidy.

The easiest way to refresh a patio is with a pressure washer. Karcher are one of the best known pressure washer manufacturers and they have specific attachments and cleaning solutions for patios. Our video on getting the best out of your pressure washer is the ideal starting point.

The lawn is probably just in need of a good cut. We have all the spare parts and accessories you could need for your lawnmower including blades and extension cables, so there is no excuse for a shabby looking lawn.

Hopefully these pointers will help make your summer parties a resounding success and if you have any other top preparation tips, feel free to share them in the comments.

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