10 spring household tasks and chores you must not forget

Bucket with cleaning products

When spring rolls around, preparing for all the spring cleaning tasks you need to get done can be daunting. That’s why we’ve put together a list of all the most important spring cleaning must-dos, so you can get your home in order with minimal fretting.

Read on for our 10 spring household tasks and chores you must not forget!

Have a Scan

Woman making a spring cleaning checklist

First things first, walk around your home (both inside and outside) and take note of everything that needs to be cleaned. There may be certain appliances that need cleaning or areas that need tidying outside of the usual spring cleaning chores. Knowing what cleaning jobs you need to carry out beforehand will help you prepare, make a schedule and get your hands on the cleaning accessories you’re sure to need.

Change Smoke Alarm Batteries

Close Up Of Replacing Battery In Domestic Smoke Alarm

Making sure your home is safe is a big part of spring cleaning, so don’t forget about your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Changing the batteries of these alarms will help to ensure your home is safe and ready to alert you about smoke, fires and carbon monoxide in time to prevent any harm or damage.

Prepare for Pests

Ants in the house

Warm weather is great, but the pests that often come with it… not so much. Get your household ready to fend off any pests, creepy crawlies and tiny invaders by stocking up on pest control traps and sprays in advance of their arrival. A pest-free home is a happy home, after all.

Clean Under Furniture

Vacuuming under sofa

It can be easy to forget about what lies beneath your furniture, but these areas need cleaning as much as anywhere else. Remember to lift up your sofas, drawers and beds to give the floors and carpets beneath a good clean. Doing away with dirt and grime build-up beneath your furniture will go a long way in preserving your flooring, whatever materials may lie beneath.

Vacuum All Over

Vacuum cleaner on wooden floor

That being said, you should make time to clean all of the flooring in your home during a spring clean. Make sure your vacuum cleaner has what it needs to do away with dust, reach cobwebbed corners and glide across all surfaces with ease.

Don’t Forget the Filters

Hands changing filter

Different filters need cleaning at different times, depending on the appliance. Even so, it can be handy to check them all in one go to make sure your appliances are running up to scratch. Do the rounds of your appliance filters, clean or change them when necessary and make sure your household appliances are able to keep on functioning at 100%.

Wash the Windows

Woman washing windows

Once you’re getting to the end of the indoor portion of your spring cleaning, move on to cleaning the windows. After all, windows need wiping down both inside and out. Not only will this let the spring and summer rays shine through all the clearer, but it’s a good way to transition from indoor cleaning to cleaning your garden and outdoor spaces too.

Clean Your Outdoor Spaces

Pressure washer spraying patio

Once your household is clean, it’s important to also make time for any outdoor spaces you might have. Rain, cold and lack of sunlight take a toll on your garden throughout the autumn and winter months, so get your pressure washer ready and start blasting the grime away from your walls, patio, pavings and garden furniture.

Ready Your Gardening Gear

Gardening tools and gardening equipment

The warmer seasons are when greenery grows in full, so it’s always a good idea to get prepared for gardening in advance. Whether it’s stocking up on the necessary gardening tools, buying a spare part for your lawnmower or simply cleaning the gardening gear you already have, remember to make sure your green fingers have what they need to groom your garden this spring and summer.

Check the Roof

Ladder leading up to roof tiles

Finally, if this applies to your home, check the roof. Your roof can take a battering from bad weather over the winter months, so spring is the perfect time to check if any repairs are needed. Even if your tiles are all stable and leak-free, you can always give the gutter a good clean while you’re up there!

Hopefully, this blog has helped to prepare you for the spring cleaning ahead. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out our blog on how to spring clean your appliances for some more in-depth cleaning tips and advice.

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