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We’re Very Proud of Our Generous Customers!

Pennies £25 Million Milestone

It’s been an exciting time at Pennies recently.  The past few months have seen them exceed two incredible milestones:  25 million total donations and £5.5 million raised for a whole bunch of very worthy causes.  And just a few weeks ago Pennies had their largest week of fundraising ever, with a record breaking 105,911 donations. 

Why are we so happy to hear this news?   Well, we’re proud to say that it’s you, our customers, who have helped Pennies reach this target. Over the past three years you’ve raised over £16,000!  How?Read more

4 Beko Fridge Faults You Can Fix at Home

4 Beko Fridge Faults You Can You Fix

When it comes to fridges, Beko is the UK’s number one brand – and for good reason.  Since 1990, Beko have been selling a range of household appliances throughout the UK and Ireland, producing appliances which are designed to make life easier whilst also ensuring everyday appliances are energy efficient.

Despite their enviable reputation, as with all appliances, a Beko fridge can develop faults – and below we look at 4 of the most common ones you’re likely to experience and explain how you can repair them.Read more

Essential Tassimo Parts for Coffee Lovers

CoffeeIf you love the taste of cafe style coffee at home then you don’t want problems with your Tassimo coffee maker leaving you reaching for the instant. You might not be aware but there’s a wide range of Tassimo spare parts available should a component on your coffee maker break or snap off. It is also really easy to purchase all the Tassimo accessories you need to care and maintain your coffee maker to prevent future problems.

In this post we look at some of the most commonly purchased Tassimo parts as well as coffee maker parts and cleaners for other Bosch machines.Read more

Find Out About The Power of Oust

Oust have a range of powerful cleaning products to help you beat grease, lime and grime. Their range includes high-performance cleaning products for maintaining small appliances like kettles, irons and coffee makers as well as household cleaners like limescale remover for taps and shower heads. In this post we look at the range of leading Oust products that are worth adding to your home cleaning arsenal.Read more

Where To Find Your Sharp Appliance Spares

Sharp is a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics and appliances. In terms of home appliances, Sharp have been inventing innovative appliances for more than 50 years and their range includes everything from microwave ovens to fridge freezers. In this post we focus on Sharp’s home appliance offering and the range of Sharp appliance spare parts available if one of your appliances breaks down.Read more

Kenwood Spares: About the Brand

Kenwood have been designing and manufacturing stylish kitchen appliances since the 1940’s. They will probably always be associated with the iconic Kenwood Chef kitchen machine, but they also manufacturer blenders, food processors, kettles and many more. In this post we examine the Kenwood brand in more detail as well as looking at the range of spare parts available, including Kenwood kettle filters, Kenwood Chef attachments and Kenwood dishwasher spare parts.Read more