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EverythingHomes is the Home and Garden Lifestyle Blog from BuySpares – the UK’s leading specialist in spare parts and accessories for home appliances.

We blog about anything and everything to do with your home and garden appliances and how easy it can be to repair them, but also more general stuff from current events to ideas for saving energy and money to what we’ve been up to this week!

For an idea of what you can expect to see in our blog, take a look at the categories below:

EverythingHomes Categories:

Appliances & Appliance Care

Taking good care of your appliances and carrying out simple repairs will get the most out of them and make them last for as long as possible!

Car & Travel

Planning a holiday can often be stressful, so we offer advice on what you can take or do to make the experience that bit easier, including tips for car journeys.

Cooking & Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of the home, especially at mealtimes. We’ll give you tips on keeping it clean as well as keeping your kitchen appliances working perfectly.


Your garden is an important part of your home and you want to keep it healthy and tidy, especially in the summer! We’ll let you know how to care for your garden appliances and the best ways to use them for a truly fabulous garden.


Our aim is to get more people repairing their own home appliances, rather than simply replacing them with new ones, so we want to show you how easy it can be with how-to guides, tips and videos to help you on your way.

Money Saving

Repairing your own appliances can save you some serious money; there’s a big difference between the cost of a spare part and a bit of elbow grease to the cost of a brand new fridge, washing machine or oven!

Repair, Re-Use and Recycle

We like to do our bit to help the environment wherever possible, so we’ll give you ideas on ways to be eco-friendly around the home, as well as what’s hot in the world of recycling

What are we up to?

Letting you know what we’re doing, thinking, and talking about. We’ll also keep you updated with new product launches, changes to our service, events and competitions.

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Stay Safe!

Repairing your own appliance if you aren’t qualified can be dangerous although there are some simple repairs that can be tackled. If in any doubt, don’t take the risk and contact a professional. Always ensure the appliance is unplugged and fully disconnected from the power supply before attempting any repairs.

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