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Is Your Bosch Dishwasher a Fire Hazard?

Bosch Spare PartsIn 2011 Bosch issued a product recall for a number of dishwasher models and some of these models are yet to be accounted for. The fault affects Bosch Dishwashers manufactured between 1999 and early 2005 purchased and used in the United Kingdom only.  In a small number of cases the fault has caused fires and if you have a faulty machine you should contact Bosch for a repair to correct the issue.Read more

New Appliance Labelling Will Save You Money

New Appliance LabellingWhen it comes to buying a new household appliance like a fridge freezer or dishwasher there is so much choice available. The appliance marketplace is full of respected brands and manufacturers, producing appliances to suit any budget. Like any purchase you want to get value for money and you will probably shop around or use a comparison website to ensure you’re not paying over the odds. Read more

Important Safety Notice from White Knight

Leading tumble dryer manufacturer White Knight has issued a safety notice relating to a component fitted to small group of tumble dryers manufactured in 2010. The supplied component in question is a connector that was fitted to a number of dryers manufactured in October of that year. The part does not meet White Knight’s required specifications and is being regarded as a potential fire hazard. Read more

Leading Appliance Brand To Sponsor The FA Cup

Advertising and promotion plays a key role in establishing appliance brands and there are more opportunities than ever to stand out. As well as utilising all the traditional forms of advertising, some of the best known appliance manufacturers are promoting their brands and appliances in truly innovative and exciting ways – a few examples of which have made the news recently.Read more

Belling Celebrate Turning 100

Belling is a leading manufacturer of cookers and other kitchen appliances. They are one of the UK’s best-loved appliance manufacturers and 2012 is a very special year for the Belling brand as they are celebrating their 100th year of manufacturing innovative kitchen appliances. Remember, if there is a fault with any of your Belling appliances, we sell a huge range of genuine Belling spare parts.Read more