Samsung EcoBubble Gets YouTube in a Spin

You would be forgiven for thinking that the Samsung EcoBubble would be making headlines because of its new and innovative features alone, however it’s their witty promotional video that has been getting lots of attention. A recent article in the Telegraph highlighted the success of the video that has so far attracted more than 10 million YouTube views!

The video is shot to look like a bear accidentally interrupts the filming of the Samsung commercial, but in a light hearted twist the bear turns out to be the star. You can watch the video below:

The Samsung EcoBubble is a washing machine with a difference. It’s gentle on your clothes and on the environment. It uses Samsung’s Ecobubble technology to wash with cool water as effectively as it would with warm – which saves energy! Other features of the Samsung EcoBubble range include vibration reduction technology for a more balanced load and noise reduction as well as an anti-limescale heater that is designed to last longer and reduce calcium build-up. At BuySpares you can buy genuine Samsung spare parts for washing machines and all other Samsung appliances.

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