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10 tips to stay healthy this autumn and winter

Tea and fruit in winter

With the dark nights and cold weather in the autumn and winter months, staying healthy (or trying to be) can become a chore. We can also feel more lethargic in these months so it’s important to keep our energy levels up to help ward off cold and flu viruses. Find out some of the ways you can plough through these months and get a warm winter glow!

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10 tips to tackle hay fever season

Spring flowers

On days with higher temperatures, the glorious sunshine can also bring high pollen counts. For hay fever sufferers this can mean symptoms such as itchy and puffy eyes, a runny nose, headaches, a dry and itchy throat and shortness of breath. Preventative measures can be taken with an antihistamine and nasal sprays but there are other ways to help combat the effects of pollen. Take a look at these top tips to prevent hay fever from ruining your summer days.

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The Ultimate Guide to Stain Removal

Woman Looking At Clothes

Stains are annoying and can make materials look worn and dirty very easily. The longer you leave a stain the more stubborn it becomes. Stuck with how to remove certain stains? Don’t worry, we have the top tips on how to get rid of specific types of stains. Just keep on reading. Read more

6 Reasons You Need To Use a Water Filter

6 Reasons To Use a Water Filter Jug

There’s no hiding from the fact that water is good for you. Our bodies are made up of 60% water and it’s the number one nutrient for our bodies. It’s also key to removing toxins. But not all water is the same. In fact your everyday tap water is likely to be full of nastiness which could be doing your body more harm than good.Read more

Forget Being Beach Body Ready…You Need To Stay in Shape Year Round

Are You Beach Body Ready

Are you beach body ready? It’s a phrase which is thrown around a lot as we approach the summer. And this year, an advertising campaign (run by Protein World) asking this exact question received over 370 complaints.

At BuySpares, we understand why people like to get themselves “beach ready”, but we’re also keen advocates of healthy living – and this is even more important when you consider recent research has suggested roughly 75% of men and 65% of women are set to be overweight by 2030.

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How To Achieve The Perfect Shave [infographic]

Clean shaven, the shadow, goatee, moustache or a neatly boxed beard, whichever you prefer with the right shaver you can style it – turning your facial hair into the perfect accessory for your style.

To help you achieve the perfect shave, whatever look you are after it is recommended to use an electric shaver, and in the infographic below we explain “How to Achieve The Perfect Shave” with such a personal care product.

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You Can Achieve The Perfect Shave, With The Braun cruZer Range

Select the Right Shaving Products

Fashion is forever changing and seems to come around in waves, and this is true for facial hair too. One minute clean shaven is considered all the range, followed by beards and then clean shaven once again.

To help you stay on track with the latest trends when it comes to facial hair, it’s important to have the right shaver – and the Braun cruZer range will have the perfect one for your needs and requirements.Read more