6 Reasons You Need To Use a Water Filter

6 Reasons To Use a Water Filter Jug

There’s no hiding from the fact that water is good for you. Our bodies are made up of 60% water and it’s the number one nutrient for our bodies. It’s also key to removing toxins. But not all water is the same. In fact your everyday tap water is likely to be full of nastiness which could be doing your body more harm than good.

Reduce The Chlorine Taste & Smell:

Chlorine isn’t just found at your local swimming pool, it is also commonly used to disinfect tap water. According to Severn Trent Water, chlorine has been used as a chemical disinfectant in water supplies for over 100 years.

By using a water filter jug which is combined with a decent carbon filter, you can reduce the amount of chlorine found in the water you’re drinking, and this will considerably improve the taste too.

Remove Germs From Dirty Pipes:

The water from your taps has to travel a significant way through pipe work underground to get to your home, and as you may expect, all water pipes have a thin film of rust. Whilst this rust – and other dirt you may find in your water – is harmless in small quantities, it can have a detrimental effect on the taste of your water.

Using a water filter jug can help you remove impurities from your water and helps increase the taste.

Add Those Essential Minerals:

All water from our taps will have been purified at a specialist water works, to ensure any potential contaminants are removed. However, during this process some essential minerals can be removed meaning our water isn’t as good for us as we may think.

Reverse osmosis, which uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove larger particles can also remove essential minerals from the water, hindering its health benefits. But, with the right type of water filter, these minerals – such as magnesium, which plays a vital role in the body such as controlling blood pressure and maintaining insulin sensitivity – can be put back into the water. This in turn enhances the health benefits offered by a glass of water.

Improve The Taste of Your Food:

From pasta and rice, to corn on the cob, broccoli and spinach, there’s a lot of food which we cook using water from the tap. Yet the taste of this food can be compromised by the impurities found in everyday tap water.

By filtering the water before cooking with it, not only can you remove the impurities in the water but you can also ensure the food you’re cooking tastes as it should.

Keep Your Kettle Clean:

Water, no matter how hard or soft will contain traces of limescale which overtime will hinder the performance of your kettle, increasing your energy bills each time the kettle is used. Limescale will also hinder the taste of your water.

By using a water filter jug to filter your water first, you can reduce those impurities which lead to a build up of limescale – due to filters acting as a water softener – and in turn slowdown the build up of limescale in your kettle, helping keep your kettle clean and ensure your cuppa tastes as good as it should.

Save Money…And Help The Environment:

Save Money With a Water Filter Jug

As we all continue our search for great tasting water, many of us are opting to buy bottled water whose contents are sourced from various valleys. But with the average person in the UK drinking over 37 litres of water a year, purchasing a water bottle every time we want to drink water when at work or out and about can work out expensive.

A cheaper alternative is to purchase a water filter jug and enjoy the freshness of filtered water whenever you want it. Switching from bottled water to a water filter is also better on the environment, as less plastic bottles will need to be used – reducing the amount of greenhouse gases produced.

So if you want to enjoy the taste of fresh, clean and healthy water, you’re looking to drink a healthy amount of water without it costing you a fortune and you want to reduce the impact limescale has on your kettle then invest in a water filter jug – and begin tasting the difference today.

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