The Ultimate Guide to Stain Removal

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Stains are annoying and can make materials look worn and dirty very easily. The longer you leave a stain the more stubborn it becomes. Stuck with how to remove certain stains? Don’t worry, we have the top tips on how to get rid of specific types of stains. Just keep on reading. 


If you spill red wine, cover the stain in salt. Stretch the fabric over a bowl and pour hot water over the area. If you spill white wine on fabric, run the stain under cold water as soon as possible. Then apply detergent directly onto the stain. Place the piece of fabric into the washing machine and wash as instructed on the label.

Wine Spilling On Carpet

Curry Stains or Oil Spills

We all love a good curry, however, it’s a pain when you spill some of it on your clothes. Baby powder will help you to get rid of these stains. Sprinkle an adequate amount over the stain as soon as you can. The powder will soak up the curry or oil, and it should be a lot easier to remove now as the stain has been brought to the surface.

Ink Stains

Hairspray is a great tool to remove ink stains. Put a clean dishcloth underneath the stain. Directly spray hairspray onto the stain and blot with another cloth. Keep repeating this process until the stain has gone then wash it afterwards.

Ink Splatter On Paper

Deodorant and Sweat Stains

Are you fed up seeing old deodorant and sweat marks on your shirts? Pour some white vinegar directly onto the stain and rub it into the fabric. Then you can go ahead and wash the item. It’s as simple as that!

Coffee Stains

The first solution to removing coffee stains is to simply run it under cold water as soon as possible. If this doesn’t get rid of the stain, mix some laundry powder with equal parts water and white vinegar to form a paste. Rub directly onto the stain. You can use a toothbrush to work the paste into the stain on both sides. Then wash the garment and the stain should be gone.

Coffee Stain On Carpet


There are some of our tips and tricks to getting rid of some of those stubborn stains. If you have any more we would love to hear from you. After cleaning your clothes, if you are wanting to get stuck into cleaning the house, read our post about how to clean with lemons here. 

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