The Best Ways to Safely Wash Your Football Kit

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The football season has arrived, and so has the time to wear your country’s colours. But, with that being said, do you know how to properly care for your footie shirts to make sure they last until the final match?

If not, don’t worry. Here are some tips on the best ways to safely wash your football kit.

Check the Temperature

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When washing your clothes, there’s always the risk of them shrinking if you aren’t sure what temperature to use. Though you’re going to want to wash your football kit fast to get rid of any mud and grass stains, make sure you always check the washing temperature on the label first. This will help prevent any shrinkage from excessive heat.

Go Inside Out

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It’s very common for football shirts and shorts to come with patterns and text printed onto them. Unfortunately, it’s easy for printed designs to crack and fade in the washing machine over time. To help avoid this, turn your gear inside out to protect any designs from the brunt of any damage.

Separate Colours

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Separating your whites from your colours is always a good idea, whether you’re washing your favourite football shirts or anything else. It might sound like you’re making more work for yourself, but it’s much better to do two washes than see your favourite white garments stained or dyed by other colours.

Hang Dry

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Using the wrong temperature can be just as dangerous in a tumble dryer as a washing machine. That’s why we recommend hanging your clothes to dry instead. Not only will this prevent shrinking, but it’s also good for the environment, making it a win-win!

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