5 things you need to do to prepare your lawnmower for spring

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Did you know that letting your grass get too long before cutting it is unhealthy for your lawn? As spring approaches and the weather starts to get a bit warmer, it’s the perfect time to get out and start mowing your lawn. But, before you start trimming your turf, make sure your lawnmower is up to scratch and find out how to keep it running smoothly throughout the season.

Here are our top tips on how to do this:

Change the Petrol

Petrol and electric mowers require different maintenance checks. If you have a petrol lawnmower, we advise draining the petrol at the end of each mowing season as petrol can evaporate and spoil over time. If petrol has been left in your mower over the winter, drain it now and replace it with fresh fuel according to the instructions in your manual.

Check the Oil

Lawnmowers with petrol engines will also use oil to lubricate the machinery. Depending on your lawnmower model, the oil will either need to be combined with the fuel or added separately. Again, consult your manual if you’re unsure where to add oil to your mower.

If the oil is added separately to the petrol over time, this oil will become dirty and need changing. If necessary, drain the old oil and top it up with new oil to the recommended level. Your manual should have recommendations for how often to change the oil on your specific model.
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Check the Cord

If you have an electric lawnmower, check the power cable for fraying or holes (a common problem if mice have found their way into your garden shed). You may need to get a replacement cable if yours is damaged, as exposed wires are dangerous. Fully untangle your cable each time you start mowing too, as a bundled or knotted up cord can overheat.

Sharpen the Blades

Blunt lawnmower blades will cut your lawn unevenly and could even damage it by ripping up the grass. Sharpen your blades if necessary, or if they are cracked, damaged or too blunt to sharpen, replace them with brand new blades to improve the performance of your mower.

Our video below demonstrates how to change metal mower blades:

Clean the Mower

The longevity of your lawnmower can be improved simply by cleaning it regularly! When cleaning your mower, remember to:

  • Clear grass build-up from any vents on your machine so that the motor is well ventilated and doesn’t overheat.
  • Clean the blades and the area around the blades so that they can spin freely. Blocked blades will also cause the motor to overheat and burn out as the motor will have to work harder to turn them.
  • Consider using a cleaning kit with a mulch barrier to avoid future grass build-up.

Watch our video below showing a specialist lawnmower cleaning kit in action:

Cleaning your mower after each use is a good habit to get into, as mud and grass are much easier to remove when they are wet rather than when they have dried and hardened onto your appliance.

Once your lawnmower is prepared, you’re ready to tackle your lawn! To keep your lawn in the best condition throughout spring and summer, we recommend mowing it regularly whenever required, ideally at times when it is reasonably dry. For helpful tips on mowing to achieve a great looking lawn, check out our blog post.

Got more mower maintenance tips to share? We’d love to hear them, so let us know in the comments below.

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