10 Easy Tips to Help You Achieve a Neat Garden

Gardening Tips

Are you happy with how your garden looks? If you’re not, now is the perfect time to bring it into shape – and to give you a helping hand, we’ve compiled ten simple tips to help you turn yours into the perfect oasis.

Achieve a Luscious Lawn:

Due to little work being carried out on your lawn during winter, there’s a good chance it’ll look unkempt. Help spruce your lawn with these helpful tips.

•  Keep on top of mowing your lawn. By now, you should have cut your lawn at least once, and as the spring and summer progresses you’ll need to keep on top of the mowing to keep your lawn looking luscious.

It’s recommended to mow little and often to help promote a thick and healthy growth at the same time as deterring weeds and moss. Ideally now until autumn, your lawnmower’s blade should be set to 2cm and you should cut your lawn twice weekly, unless there’s a long dry period. During such a spell, reduce the frequency of mowing, to prevent it from going brown.

•  Perk up your lawn by feeding it with a lawn feed which includes a moss and weed killer. This will further help promote a healthy growth of your grass and keep weeds / moss at bay.

•  Tidy up the edge of your lawn to provide a neat finish and the best way to cut the edge of your grass is with a trimmer or long-handled sears.

If the edges of your lawn have become neglected over the winter months, use your spade or a half-moon edging tool to redefine them. Laying your hosepipe down to provide a template to the edging will also help you achieve the overall look you desire.

Lawnmower Spare Parts

•  During late spring and summer it’s important to make sure you regularly water your garden – including the lawn and any hanging baskets. Ideally, to ensure your garden receives and benefits from the most water possible, you should water your garden either first thing in the morning or last thing at night when it is cooler.

Bring a Wall of Colour:

Flowerbeds are the best way to introduce walls of colour and scents into your garden, whilst also encouraging wildlife to visit. Make the most out of your flowerbeds, no matter how deep they are, by…

•  Cut back damaged plants. As a result of the cold winter, some plants will have become frost damaged and these will need cutting back to not only revive them, but to bring a tidy look to your flowerbed.

Frost damage isn’t the only issue your plants can face; they can also be hindered by diseases and other issues. So, if you’ve noticed discolouration of the leaves, any holes or bites from animals then you’ll need to take appropriate action.

•  Weeds are the bane of every gardener’s life, especially as weeds in your flowerbeds can suffocate other plants preventing them from growing. Once you’ve weeded your flowerbeds, provide them with a three inch layer of compost. This not only provides a tidy finish, but it also improves the soil for any future plants.

•  Provide a neat wall of colour at the front of your flowerbeds with low-spreading annual or perennial flowers. These not only help provide a well defined edge, but they’ll also set off any taller plants behind them.

To further enhance and help the plants in your flowerbeds, if you’re growing floppy herbaceous plants use bean sticks or stakes for support.

Add Finishing Touches:

•  From providing a place to eat your breakfast as the morning sun breaks through, to the perfect evening BBQ location patios and decking areas are a great addition to any garden. But if left unattended, they can end up looking neglected.

Bring your patios, pathways and decking back to their former glory by vigorously sweeping away any debris which is littering them before giving them a prolonged blast with a pressure washer to remove any remaining dirt, grime and moss.

•  You may only see your fence as a necessity to define boundaries with your neighbours, but the look of them also impacts on the aesthetics of your garden. If your fence panels are looking like they’ve seen better days provide them with some TLC by giving them a fresh coat of wood protector.

Garden Accessories

•  If you have a water feature, you’ll need to provide this with TLC, including making sure it’s free from debris and algae. Once your water feature has been tidied up it’ll add another aesthetically pleasing dimension to your garden.

Each of these tips will help you tidy your garden, ready for the hard work to begin and ensuring this summer you’re greeted with a wall of colour and scents throughout your garden. If you want further advice on how to make the most out of your garden, we recommend you visit the Gardening Tips and Advice section of the BuySpares blog.

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