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5 things you need to do to prepare your lawnmower for spring

Man Mowing Lawn CLose Up
Did you know that letting your grass get too long before cutting it is unhealthy for your lawn? As spring approaches and the weather starts to get a bit warmer, it’s the perfect time to get out and start mowing your lawn. But, before you start trimming your turf, make sure your lawnmower is up to scratch and find out how to keep it running smoothly throughout the season.
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How To Spring Clean Your Appliances

Spring is nearly here, a season of newness where leaves start appearing on the trees, buds blossom and homes sparkle, as people get stuck into intensive spring cleaning. If you’re planning to give your home a thorough once over in the upcoming weeks, don’t forget about your appliances. Giving the machines you use regularly a good clean will make your daily chores easier and help remove bad smells around your home too.

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How To Prolong Your Dishwasher with Limescale and Detergent Remover

Inside Dishwasher Whilst On

For many homeowners a dishwasher is a luxury, removing the need to tackle those difficult pots and pans after enjoying a home-cooked meal. Yet the luxury is also often taken for granted, until the appliance begins to underperform.

Two of the main issues facing dishwashers is the build up of limescale (hard water areas) and detergent (all areas), which can leave your machine with stale odours as well as reduced performance. Such issues can also contribute to your glasses being left with streaks and smears after a washing cycle, whilst plates, dishes and bowls are also likely to have remains of yesterday’s dinner showing if your machine is not working at full capacity.Read more

How To Beat Odours in Your Household Appliances

Smelly Washing MachineHousehold appliances in all forms can gain odours as a result of constant use. The cause of these odours can be one of many things, but often involves a build up of mould and bacteria. At BuySpares we understand the consequences that odours, and the factors that cause them, can have on your appliances.

This is why, we’ve picked five common household appliances likely to suffer from odours and explained the steps which you can take to beat unpleasant smells; so without further ado the five appliances are…Read more

Clean Your Appliances with the Power of Wellco

Wellco Cleaning ProductsHave a quick look around your kitchen, chances are you’ve not only got a cooker, cooker hood, fridge and freezer on show; but there’s also likely to be other kitchen appliances from microwaves and kettles, through to toasters and coffee makers. Each of these appliances are, in their own special way, vital to helping you produce the culinary delights and hot beverages you and your family enjoy.Read more

Deep Clean Your House, Now the Kids are Back at School: Part 1: The Kitchen

Deep Clean Your HomeEven with the best intentions, keeping your home clean during the summer holidays can be an uphill battle; but with the children now back at school, there’s nothing from stopping you from getting your house back into shape, tackling one room at a time – and to give you a helping hand over the next three blogs we’ll provide some expert tips and advice; starting with the kitchen.Read more