10 tips to stay healthy this autumn and winter

Tea and fruit in winter

With the dark nights and cold weather in the autumn and winter months, staying healthy (or trying to be) can become a chore. We can also feel more lethargic in these months so it’s important to keep our energy levels up to help ward off cold and flu viruses. Find out some of the ways you can plough through these months and get a warm winter glow!

Keep hydrated

Glass of water

Many of us don’t drink enough water in these months and it’s still just as important as it was in spring and summer. Drinking water will protect your skin from the cold air drying it out and flush out toxins. Also even though you might not feel thirsty, staying hydrated is a must.

Use a smart morning alarm

Smart morning alarm clock

Although more expensive than a standard alarm clock, there are alarm clocks that can help aid your sleeping pattern. If you struggle with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) the Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 wakes you with a gradually brightening sunrise to help boost mood and energy levels.

Have seasonal fruit and veg

Seasonal fruit and veg

This time of year there is an abundance of fruit and veg in season that will help boost your immune system. Oranges, blueberries, persimmon, beetroot and kale to name a few, are great for vitamin C and antioxidants, so it’s a good idea to incorporate more fruit and veg into your diet.

Don’t skip breakfast

Porridge with fruit

Breakfast is important all year round but even more so in these months. Porridge is perfect as it is warming, makes you feel fuller for longer and is packed full of fibre. Plus if you eat breakfast you are less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks.

Get some vitamin D

Walking in autumn

The weather is an obstacle for many of us but if you can, wrap up warm and go for a walk to try and get some much needed vitamin D in natural daylight. It can also help with energy levels and is a great way to keep fit and keep your mood up.

Take time out

Yoga class

If you feel more tired in these months, this can lead to you feeling more stressed out, particularly in the run up to Christmas and the New Year. Take some time out and practice mindfulness or meditation, exercise is also a great way to relieve stress.

Try and limit caffeine

Black coffee

Of course for many, caffeine is a must to get through these months. However it can cause dehydration and affect sleep, so don’t overload on caffeine and try to limit your intake. You could swap your cuppa for a nutrient packed smoothie instead.

Keep skin moisturised

Moisturising hands

Even though we wrap up warm, with the cold and blustery weather, our skin can become very dry. Moisturise your hands and face to protect from the elements and lips too to prevent them from becoming chapped.

Add some spice

Spicy pumpkin soup

Add warming spices like ginger, turmeric and chillies to your foods, which have great health benefits to help keep winter bugs at bay. They are also great for flavour and warm our bodies up from the inside which is much need on a cold winter day.

Go to bed early

Man sleeping in bed

It goes without saying that if you only get a short amount of sleep, you are going to be restless and exhausted in the day. Try to go to bed early and get the full eight hours so you can get a proper rest and quit screen time an hour before you go to bed.

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