How To Prepare Your Garden For Autumn

Fall Leaves With Rake

Autumn is well and truly on its way in the UK, some may even say winter has already arrived. With every new season, we like to provide you with the best tips and tricks to get your garden ready, to make sure it’s in the best conditions. Carry on reading to find out how to get your garden ready for the autumnal weather.

(1) Clear out compost heaps and bins

If you have a compost bin or heap it’s advised that you clean it out twice a year. When you are tidying your garden you will have a lot of new plant material to fill it up with. Use the remaining compost around your garden and clear it ready for your new heap to begin. If it’s not quite ready, don’t worry, simply turn it to make the decomposition more efficient.

Compost Bin In Garden

(2) De-weed your garden

Tidying up your garden before the winter means less work for you to do in spring. De-weed your whole garden, including flower beds, patios and lawns. Make sure to remove them from the root and not just the surface, to ensure there is no re-growth. You can use weed killers but there are also lots of ways to remove them organically.

(3) Fertilise your lawn

During the autumn and winter months, we leave our lawns to it. In order to sustain healthy growth, you can provide it with extra nutrients to absorb. Use a fertiliser suited for autumn lawn care. This means a fertiliser that is high in phosphates and potash. This will ensure your grass develops strong and healthy roots throughout with colder months.

Garden Lawn And Flowers

(4) Maintain garden equipment

This is a great tip to make your garden equipment last longer and stay in great condition. Before all your tools go away for winter, disinfect them all and clean all the dirt off them. This way they won’t rust over the winter period. When you are also cleaning them, store them away neatly so when you go to start your spring gardening everything is easy to find.

(5) Trim and cut your gardens perennials

Perennials will continue to grow all year round, so before the winter frosts set in and you pack away your garden gear, cut them back to soil level to stop them from taking over your garden. Dispose of the cuttings to stop them growing further.

Pink Flowers In Garden

So in the next couple of weeks, start to incorporate these tips and tricks into your gardening routines to get your garden ready for the cold mornings and dark nights. If you want to incorporate plants into the indoor areas of your home, read our post about the best plants for the different rooms in your home.

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