You Can Achieve The Perfect Shave, With The Braun cruZer Range

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Fashion is forever changing and seems to come around in waves, and this is true for facial hair too. One minute clean shaven is considered all the range, followed by beards and then clean shaven once again.

To help you stay on track with the latest trends when it comes to facial hair, it’s important to have the right shaver – and the Braun cruZer range will have the perfect one for your needs and requirements.

Clean Shave:

If you’ve got an important business meeting or family occasion which you want to be clean shaven for, you cannot go wrong with the cruZer clean shave.

This particular shaver makes achieving the classic clean shaven look easier than ever, due to its powerful triple action shaver which effectively cuts long and short hairs with every stroke. At the same time, the twin foils and integrated middle trimmer allows you to shave progressively closer to achieve the clean shave you desire – whilst still being gentle on your skin.

As a versatile shaver, the cruZer clean shave can be used for wet or dry shaving, with foam or a gel, and is also washable and 100% waterproof. Further advantages of the clean shave from Braun is that it’s suitable for cord and cordless use, comes with an LED display for low charge and battery status and comes with an integrated precision trimmer enabling you to customise your style.

Beard & Head:

Tired of trying to style your thinning hair? Prefer to be completely clean shaven from your beard upwards? Then you’ll need the Braun cruZer beard and head shaver, which enables you to achieve the perfect shave and a powerful look.

With a click and lock function which allows you to keep the adjustable comb in place so you can trim your hair to the exact look you’re after, this particular cruZer model offers a powerful accessory to your grooming toolkit.

With its integrated beard comb, you’re able to choose from six different length settings, with a further six settings for a hair comb. The cruZer beard and head also comes with a small precision trimmer which has been designed to enable you to conveniently trim your beard to perfection.

Precision Trimmer:

Achieving styled facial hair may seem like a lot of hard work, but with your hair being a natural accessory it’s worth it, and the cruZer precision trimmer can help you achieve the style you desire.

The shaver features a trimmer with extra fine teeth, along with 2 trimming combs of different lengths which allow you to style your facial hair to precision, at the same time as fine tuning your facial hair to the desired length.

To further ensure you’re able to get a precision shave, achieve sharp / sleek lines remove the trimming combs and use the cruZer precision trimmer’s extra small head for style hard to reach areas, whilst allowing close to the skin styling to give your facial hair sharp edges and precision contours.

Braun Precision Shaver

Body Trimmer:

Shaving is no longer just about keeping your facial hair in check, manscaping is fast becoming part of the everyday grooming routine for many, and this 2-in-1 shaver makes it easier to achieve the perfect hairless look.

The cruZer body trimmer incorporates cutting edge wet and dry technology, allowing you to safely use the shaver in or out of the shower, making messy hair on the floor a thing of the past. It also comes with a function which allows you to cut your body hair, whether chest, abs, underarms or any other part of the body, to 3 different lengths, including a fine trimming element.

With its charging LED indicator and special inductive charging stand which offers 50 minutes of usage once fully charged, there’s no excuse to be left with unkempt body hair once you’ve added the body trimmer to your grooming toolkit.

By choosing the right shaver, you’re guaranteed to achieve a perfect shave each and every time, and with a shaver from the Braun cruZer range you’ll find the right shaver to achieve perfect results every time. Whether you’re after a clean shaven look, sharp sideburns or something completely unique with your facial and body hair, with a cruZer you will be able to style your facial hair and beyond to perfection – helping you underline your own personal style.

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