Important: Kidde Safety Recall Fire Blankets

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Kidde Safety Europe Ltd have issued a product recall for their fire blankets, after testing highlighted a potential issue.

Testing of the fire blankets found that they may fail to prevent re-ignition of oil pan fires, containing 3 litres of oil, and as such a recall has been initiated on a precautionary basis to ensure user safety.

The fire blankets in question are:

  • Sized 1m2
  • Branded “Kidde” or “Lifesaver”
  • Include the Kitemark symbol and licence number 35021
  • Have “Homesaver” on the label of the fire blanket itself

Kidde Fire Blanket Product Recall

If you have one of the blankets which is part of the product recall, please return it as soon as possible to the retailer it was purchased from. Kidde Safety Europe LTD will then arrange for a compliant replacement fire blanket, which meets the British safety standards, to be supplied to you.

For further information regarding the product recall, please contact Kidde on 0800 917 0722 or email

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