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Oust have a range of powerful cleaning products to help you beat grease, lime and grime. Their range includes high-performance cleaning products for maintaining small appliances like kettles, irons and coffee makers as well as household cleaners like limescale remover for taps and shower heads. In this post we look at the range of leading Oust products that are worth adding to your home cleaning arsenal.

Oust products are specifically designed to combat one of the biggest threats to the health of your home appliances. Limescale doesn’t just look bad it can reduce the lifespan of your appliances and cause them to operate less efficiently. Fortunately, using Oust’s range of cleaning products can help you restore the good-as-new shine and performance of home essentials like the kettle, iron and coffee maker.

So why is limescale in small appliances so bad? The answer is simple it affects the performance and can add to your utility bills. Here are a few of the many downsides of limescale:

  • Scale builds up in layers around kettle and coffee maker heating elements so more energy is required when heating water. More energy equals higher bills!
  • Limescale fills kettles with nasty sediment and if this isn’t properly filtered out then it can adversely affect the taste of your water.
  • Using hard water in your steam iron can result in it spitting nasty brown residue onto freshly washed clothes.

Oust All Purpose Liquid Descaler is designed to protect your small appliances. In just 10 minutes this powerful cleaner can restore your appliances to their former glory. After use your appliances will be left clean, fresh and working more efficiently. As well as small appliances this liquid formula can be used on toilets and shower heads, however Oust also do a dedicated Tap and Shower Head Descaler that leaves taps and shower heads sparkling clean with minimum effort.

Limescale can build up quickly on taps and showers because of regular use, making them look dirty and restricting the flow of water. Oust Tap and Shower Head Descaler is designed to be easily applied and comes in a squeezable tube with its own applicator brush. Unlike other tap and shower descalers that can be washed off, this Oust cleaning is designed specifically to tackle even the hardest to shift limescale.

Oust also have a range of steam iron care products including Oust Iron Cleaning Pads which are designed to clean any unwanted deposits from the iron’s soleplate. The pads are easy to use and they contain no harsh or abrasive chemicals, leaving your iron soleplate clean and your clothes mark free.

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