Top Tips to Achieve a Great Spring Clean

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With spring here, it’s time for us to consider spring cleaning. But before we pull out our arsenal of cleaning products from the cupboard, we need to decide what our overall aim of the annual spring clean is, is it to clean or declutter?
Whatever your goal, achieving it needn’t be hard work – if you have a plan of action.


Traditionally, spring cleaning is all about achieving a deep clean of your home and we understand for many this is still the aim. To achieve this, not only do we recommend you tackle one room at a time, starting from the top and working your way down. We also recommend, as part of your plan of action you include the following:

  • Appliance Cleaning:

From your cooker being caked in grease, through to the detergent drawer in your washing machine harbouring bacteria, all our appliances require a thorough clean to keep them working to their full potential.

Your annual spring clean is the perfect time to clean all your appliances and through our previous blogs, “Clean Your Appliances with the Power of Wellco” and “4 Steps to Remove and Clean Your Dishwasher Filters”, as well as our advice centre, you’ll find plenty of advice on the best ways to clean each appliance.

  • Squeaky Clean Windows:

With the wet weather set to make way for the sun, any dirt which has built up on your windows will soon become visible. Cleaning windows is therefore a must, and achieving a streak free finish needn’t be difficult, as explained in our blog “Achieve Streak Free Windows with Karcher”.

  • Banish Odours:

A smelly washing machine is a common issue, due to the build up of bacteria. But it isn’t just our washing machines which can emit unpleasant odours; many other household appliances can too.

The best way to prevent such odours is to regularly clean the appliance using dedicated cleaning products. We also recommend using a fridge deodoriser and vacuum air freshener to limit odours building up in your fridge and vacuum.

If you’ve got odours lingering in your kitchen after cooking, boil a cup of distilled white vinegar along with some cloves in a saucepan for a couple of minutes. This will draw out the odours.

  • Tackle Limescale:

From irons, coffee machines and kettles, through to washing machines and dishwashers, all appliances which come into contact with water can be hindered by the build up of limescale. As this builds, the effectiveness of the appliance deteriorates.

Tackle such an issue by following the advice outlined in our “Keep Your Appliances Working by Tackling Limescale” post.

  • Clean Carpets:

Although 80% of carpet dirt is loose and can be vacuumed away easily, our carpets are liable to suffer from stains. Thankfully, these don’t have to remain a blemish on your flooring. Instead, lift the stains away by following the advice we’ve provided in our “Remove Stains from Your Floors” post.

  • Stained Saucepans:

Through everyday cooking, our saucepans can suffer from stains. Whilst these may look unsightly, they can be removed without the need for heavy scrubbing or hours of soaking.

Instead, all you need is a bottle of a supermarket’s own brand cola. Pour enough cola into the saucepan to cover the stain, place the saucepan onto the heat on your hob, and stir the liquid as you allow it to boil. Once the cola boils pour it down the drain, and the stain should go with it – then all that is left to do is wash the saucepan as normal.


Many of us have items dotted around the house which we no longer use nor need, but have as yet failed to remove. Use your spring clean as the perfect excuse to get rid of such items.

To give you a helping hand, we recommend you organise items which are cluttering your cupboards, shelves and worktops into the three following piles:

  • Keep – once you’ve decided on the items you want to keep, find an appropriate place for them to live.
  • Get Rid– box such items up and get rid of them. If they’re in a good condition, donate them to your local charity.
  • Undecided – we all have those items we cannot make our minds up as to whether we want to keep or throw away. With such items, we recommend you place these into a box and store them away for a few weeks.

Once the weeks have passed, any items you’ve used which were originally in the box – keep, those you haven’t used donate to charity.

Following these 7 tips, will help to ensure your home is left sparkling clean, leaving you ready to spend the spring and summer pottering around your garden.

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