Need a New Remote Control?

Need a new Remote Control?Can’t find the remote control for your TV or DVD player? Have you checked down the back of the sofa? Underneath the sofa maybe? Ok, then it’s officially lost.

Or maybe your remote’s just been kicking around for so long that it barely responds to your channel-changing commands anymore, even with new batteries.

Fear Not, Couch Potatoes!

The good news is, you don’t have to resort to hauling yourself off the sofa whenever you want to turn up the volume. You can get hold of a brand new remote control that will soon whip your TV* back into shape no matter what your brand, make or model.

At BuySpares we’ve got all kinds of remote for all kinds of appliance, but they all fall into the category of either ‘Genuine’ or ‘Universal’ products.

What Kind of Remote Control do you Need?

A genuine remote control may also be known as a ‘branded’ one, so it will be manufactured by the same company that made your television eg. Sony, LG, Panasonic etc. and will most likely be exactly the same as the one you’ve lost.

A Remote Control, TV Remote will be unbranded, but is usually compatible with a number of different TV brands. These are often manufactured to the same standard as the genuine remotes and are often available at a lower price.

Take Complete Control

We also have remote controls that will do practically EVERYTHING – those big daddies of the remote world which can be used to control your TV, DVD player, Freeview box, your husband, the weather… Well maybe the last couple are still at prototype stage right now. But these Multifunction Remote Controls can come in very handy if you want a more simple, clutter-free way to control your entertainment systems.

Take a look at our Replacement Remote Control Finder to find the one you need, and put yourself back in control!

*We know you may have remote controls for many different appliances, so to avoid repeated instances of “TV/DVD Player/VCR” etc. we’ve stuck to using the good old TV as an example for the purposes of this post.

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