What is the Digital Switchover and How Does It Affect Me?

Digital SwitchoverThe digital switchover is steadily making its way across the UK. Half of the country is still to complete the switch and this will be happening in stages across 2011 and 2012. The switchover will take place according to your region, with the West Midlands and Yorkshire coming up on September 7th.

What is going to happen?

“Digital Switchover” basically means that the existing analogue TV signal will be switched off and replaced with a digital signal, which is stronger and gives more benefits such as on-screen listings, interactivity, audio descriptions and subtitling.

Don’t forget to re-tune!

Don't forget to re-tune your Freeview box!This does mean that anyone with a Freeview box will need to perform a re-tune prior to the switchover stage, or you could stop receiving channels and services. A full re-tune should only take a few minutes using the remote control for your Freeview box or your television (if your TV has Freeview built in).

Don’t have your remote?

If you no longer have the original remote control for your TV or box, don’t worry, you can buy a new Freeview remote control or TV remote control to be sure you can still re-tune! If your current remote’s looking worse for wear, the buttons are falling off or it just isn’t working as effectively as it used to, you can find the right remote control for your make and model.

The Digital UK website has all the information you may need about the switchover, including when various regions will switch over, and individual retuning guides for every brand of TV or Freeview box.

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