Make Your Cleaning a Breeze with a Pressure Washer

Pressure Washer Cleaning

Cleaning the car, kitchen floor and patio are chores which few of us rarely enjoy. Yet they’re also tasks which need to be carried out if we want to ensure our home and garden are looking clean, allowing us to feel house proud.

Fortunately, none of these tasks need to consume hours of our time nor result in excessive amounts of elbow grease being put in – particularly if you have a pressure washer within your cleaning arsenal.

Benefits of a Pressure Washer:

When it comes to cleaning your home and garden, a pressure washer can offer a range of benefits, making them the ideal cleaning partner. Three of the key benefits include:

  • Refreshes and rejuvenates paths, patios and decking at a much lower cost than other cleaning products. This is due to not having to rely on expensive cleaning products to achieve the desired cleanliness.
  • Environmentally friendly. Along with not requiring chemicals to help achieve the overall clean, pressure washers can help you save water when cleaning. For example, a Karcher pressure washer can save up to 3,100 litres of water per hour as a result of their refined technology.It’s also worth noting, it’s possible to purchase an accessory allowing you to use your Karcher with a water butt – helping you to save money and recycle.
  • Easy to use. Whether you’re cleaning your car, kitchen floor, patio or your guttering, pressure washers are easy to use and their range of attachments make it possible to reach even the tightest of spaces to achieve a thorough clean you can be proud of.

How to Select a Pressure Washer:

Before buying a pressure washer, you’ll first need to decide what you’ll be using it for. Is it to clean your car, bring a new lease of life to your patio, to make the cleaning of your kitchen floor easier or for a multitude of cleaning jobs? Once you’ve settled on why you want a pressure washer, you’ll be able to consider which model is right for you.

Some of the things you’ll need to consider when selecting your pressure washer include the PSI of the appliance (this is likely to range between 1,350 and 4,900), whether it offers hot or cold water, and the price. In addition, you’ll also need to consider how well the pressure washer moves, how comfortable it is to use, its water capacity and whether it’s noisy during operation.

How to Use Your Pressure Washer:

When it comes to using your pressure washer, there are a few things which you should and shouldn’t do to ensure you get the most out of your appliance, keep it working to its full potential and remain safe. These include:


  • Hold the jet firmly, you will experience a kickback when you pull the trigger but by holding the jet firmly you can prevent any accidents occurring.
  • Release the pressure before disconnecting any attachments.
  • Keep family / pets out the way of the jet stream. Due to the pressure used, the water coming out can cause injury, so make sure you always keep your family and pets out of the way.
  • Ensure electrical socket are covered, and use an RCD with the appliance – we don’t need to tell you, electricity and water do not mix.


  • Use any liquid other than water and detergent with the appliance. Using other liquids with the appliance can result in it becoming faulty or accidents occurring.
  • Let children use the appliance. The power of the water along with the kickback experienced when pulling the trigger can result in accidents occurring.

Further advice on the perfect performance from your pressure washer can be found in our previous post, in which we explain how to care for your pressure washer and clean certain areas of your home and garden with the appliance. Whilst in our “Pressure Washer Essentials to Provide a Perfect Clean” post we highlight some of the more common accessories you can use with your appliance – to help you get the most out of it.

Taking the time to carefully select a pressure washer and ensuring you use it correctly, will ensure whatever you’re cleaning – whether it’s inside or outside your home – you get a perfect clean every time. And to help with your cleaning tasks, at BuySpares we stock an extensive selection of pressure washer accessories.

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