Warning: Millions of Homes Unprepared for Football Fever!

Football Goalkeeper Diving Out Of Screen

The highly anticipated 2016 UEFA Euro football tournament kicks off tomorrow which is great news for football enthusiasts. If you’re a hardcore fan you may even have booked time off work to watch the crucial games or invited friends over to support your team in a show of solidarity. But it’s not all fun and games!

Before settling down to enjoy the beautiful game, beware, there are a few pitfalls which could spoil your enjoyment. Luckily they are all easily avoided – here’s how.

Dirty Kit

If you’ve shelled out for high definition 75’’ TV it’s safe to assume you want a crisp, clear picture quality. Sadly you won’t get it if the match you’re watching is being displayed through a film of dust. Wipe down your screen in advance of the first kick off with a specialist wipe or cleaning spray. It’s a quick and easy job worth doing to make the Euros even better.

Silver Sky Remote ControlRemote Odds

Picture this, your noisy neighbour has chosen to mow his lawn during the match, but you’ve settled down comfortably on the couch and don’t want to have to get up to change the volume! Make sure you’ve got your trusty remote control by your side. Test the batteries in advance and pop new ones in if necessary so your remote doesn’t let you down. You can even get a new remote for your TV model if the old one has been chewed up by a pet or dropped one too many times.

Foul Play

A hush falls over the pitch. A crucial penalty is about to be taken. The striker jogs towards the ball. He takes aim… and then the TV signal starts cutting out. Of course, this scenario doesn’t bear thinking about. If signal in your area can be patchy invest in an aerial amplifier before it’s too late to solve your TV viewing issues.

Planned Fixtures

If the football’s an excuse to put crisps in bowls and make an event of it, you may be planning to fix up a projector or adjust your TV positioning to accommodate for the extra viewers. If so, make sure you have the right cables and leads and that everything is working in advance. You’ll have egg on your face if your group misses kick off as you’re trying to find the right HDMI channel compatible with your projector screen.

No Fans

We’re not talking football fanatics – we’re talking about the type of fan that blows air. Shouting at the screen and jumping up and down when your team scores is enough to get anyone flustered. If you find yourself sweating almost as much as the players on the pitch keep a fan on hand to cool you down effectively.

Health Fryer With Veg And Potatoes

Hunger For Victory

Don’t let a rumbling stomach distract you from the crucial action; sort the snacks in advance. If you have a fryer or even just a humble baking tray you can make some delicious homemade provisions like chunky chips or cheesy nachos.

International Caps

This one probably goes without saying, but you’ll need a bottle opener to remove those pesky beer bottle caps (or multiple openers if you’ve got a big group coming). We like the idea to mix things up a little by drinking beer from the countries that are playing. But please do drink responsibly.

Now, we can’t promise victory for your chosen team. But what we can do is provide the cables, aerials, bakeware, remote controls and accessories for seamless football viewing – you can find them all on our site. Enjoy the tournament!

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