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It is that time of year again when the students go back to university. Whether it’s you that is starting your studies or a family member – it always pays to be prepared. For many, going to university is likely to be the first time out of home and while it is a fantastic opportunity to develop some life skills, it is beneficial to ensure that the essentials are in place to make the transition easier.

At BuySpares we have everything a student needs to settle seamlessly into student life and student accommodation.

Kit Out The Kitchen

Small Kitchen Appliances

Being away from home cooking can be a challenge. Essentials like a toaster, kettle and microwave will make meal times easy – even for the biggest culinary novice. We have a number of great-value small appliances to ensure they’re not over reliant on takeaways and fast food. The following appliances are sure to form part of any student’s ‘survival kit’: toaster, kettle, iron, microwave and sandwich toaster.

Computer Accessories

Study On The Go

Laptops, tablets and smartphones are sure to be high on the student wish list. The portability and internet connectivity of these devices make them perfect for working on the go and carrying between campus and digs. However, these devices can be expensive and they need to be properly maintained. We sell a range of great value accessories for everything from iPads to laptops, including cases to prevent scratches, headphones for improved concentration and chargers to stop a flat battery halting progress.

Print, Capture and Share

As well as parts for laptops and computers, we also sell great-value compatible printer ink which is perfect for ensuring assignments are nicely presented as well as replacement batteries for digital cameras and camcorders to ensure they’re able to capture all the experiences student life has to offer.

If you can think of other items to include in a Student Survival Kit, then please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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