How to Get the Perfect Holiday Photos

How to Get the Perfect Holiday Photos

Wherever you’re going on holiday this summer, memories will be made and understandably you’ll want to capture these to look back on one day. Key to capturing such memories is to get the right camera and camera accessories. To help you make the most out of your holiday snaps, we’ve compiled the following checklist…

Camera Checklist:

  • Get the right camera. Put down your point-and-shoot digital camera, leave the Smartphone back at the hotel and instead opt for a DSLR camera. There’s a wide selection of such cameras available and they don’t need to cost you an arm or a leg, for example you can purchase a Nikon 24.2 megapixel camera for less than £225.
  • Camera selected, equip it and get the most out of it. This means having the right camera lenses and for those who are looking to take their photography more seriously than just holiday snaps; there are a range of lenses available such as UV Filter Lenses which remove reflections whilst keeping the colours neutral.
    Another option is a Softmat Filter which mildly softens the focus for flattering portraits and landscapes, whilst utilising the effect of diffraction.Achieving the perfect holiday snaps however can be achieved without having to switch between an array of lenses. Instead all you need is a Circular Polarising Filter. Such a filter removes reflections whilst bringing depth to pictures and highlight strong colours – perfect whether you’re spending two weeks in Cornwall or on the Costa del Sol.
  • When on holiday we all become trigger happy with our cameras, especially now the days of 24 or 36 films are behind us. Make sure you’ve got room to store every picture you take by purchasing additional memory, such as 4GB SD cards and 32GB microSD cards – both of which are available at BuySpares.
  • Never miss a moment – whether you’re looking to take a snap of the perfect sunset or of the family as you enjoy a traditional meal, make sure your camera is ready by having spare batteries to hand at all times.
  • Key to taking a great picture is to make sure your camera is clean and your lenses protected. With the help of dedicated lens caps, your camera lens will be protected from extraneous light, preventing flare.The Hama 5 Piece Camera Cleaning Kit which includes a lens blower brush, cleaning fluid and cleaning tissues will ensure your camera is kept as clean as a whistle – even in sandy situations.

How to Take the Perfect Holiday Photos:

  • Remember the “Rule of Thirds” when taking pictures. This means the main focal point doesn’t need to be in the centre of the frame. Instead, for a balanced shot the subject should be just off centre (although rules can and should be broken at times too). [source:]
  • Change your position when taking a picture, to get the perfect shot. Don’t just stand still and shoot, instead move around and frame the subject from different angles. If you want the subject to appear smaller, take the photograph from an elevated position.
  • Be aware of light sources. Hard light provided by a glorious summer’s day can make for poor pictures. During bright sunlight, where possible keep the subject of the image in the shade to avoid over-exposed images with harsh shadows. [source:]

Try To Avoid Posed Holiday Pictures

  • A posed photograph on the beach or in a restaurant can be taken anywhere, from Turkey to Taunton, and Spain to Skegness. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with posed photos, but don’t forget to capture those off-the-cuff pictures – after all these are the ones which will transport you back to a time and place in years to come.
  • Nature provides a great subject for photographs when abroad, particularly in wet conditions when more creatures comes out and the overcast light brings out every detail – in such situations make sure you have your camera to hand and get snapping. [source:]
  • If the weather takes a turn for the worse whilst you’re away this doesn’t mean you need to stop taking pictures. Inside buildings can provide a great backdrop for interesting images.Don’t forget to take pictures at night too. Many locations come alive once it gets dark, making for great, natural holiday snaps.
  • Potentially one of the most important tips for great holiday snaps when using a DSLR camera is to always reset the settings. After all, you don’t want what could have been the perfect shot to be missed and lost due to the ISO and saturation being set up wrong, as a result of your previous pictures. [source:]

Having the right DSLR camera and lenses to hand whilst you’re on holiday and by thinking about the images, you will ensure you get the perfect photo which captures the right memories. But perhaps key to achieving the perfect holiday snap is to relax, unwind and have fun – after all the natural photos are always the best.

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