How To Make DIY Halloween Decorations

Lighted Halloween Pumpkins In The Dark

It’s the scariest time of the year and Halloween is nearly here. This is a great time to get creative and have fun so we have some of the best DIY Halloween decorations for you. So, roll up your sleeves and get crafty!

(1) Halloween Inspired Fruit Snacks

If you are looking for healthy Halloween snacks then look no further. These themed oranges and bananas are super quick and easy to make, whilst looking impressive! For the banana snack, cut them in half and used different sized chocolate chips to make the faces. You could press them in or use peanut or chocolate spread to stick them on.

For the satsumas, simple peel them and cut up some small stems of celery. You can then just push these into the top of them creating pumpkin snacks. These would be great for lunch boxes or for children’s Halloween parties.

Halloween Bananas And Oranges

(Source: Pinterest)

(2) Halloween Tin Can Bowling

This is a great DIY Halloween party game, that will not only keep the kids entertained but they can also have fun and join in making the game too! You only need 3 essential items; tin cans, acrylic or enamel paints and paint brushes. You can follow the step by step guide to making this here. 

Tin Can Halloween Game

(Source: Party Delights Blog)

(3) Pinecone Spiders

Once again this is a super quick and easy DIY Halloween decoration that only requires 4 ingredients; pinecones, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and glue. Simply stick the pipe cleaners to the pine cone and mold them into legs, so the pinecone is supported. Then you can create your own crazy and scary design with the eyes, and stick them on! Follow the full tutorial here.

Halloween Pinecone DIY Spiders

(Source: firefliesandmudflies blog)

(4) Cheese and Pretzel Broomsticks

This is another food inspired DIY decoration. It involves 3 simple ingredients; cheese strings, pretzels or breadsticks, and chive. They are so easy to assemble but will look super impressive at your Halloween party. You could even dip them into a sour cream dip to make them even tastier! You can follow the full recipe here. 

Cheese And Pretzel Broomsticks

(Source: onelittleproject blog)

There are 4 quick and easy DIY Halloween decorations for you to try this year. Send in photos if you get round to trying any of these, we would love to see them. If you are too frightened after all the Halloween haunts and activities, read our 10 ways to getting a better nights sleep here.

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