How to Improve your Appliances with Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes Close Up

Ice cubes aren’t just great for cooling down drinks, they can also be used to make your appliances more effective!

Here are some of your household appliances that can be enhanced with the use of ice.

Tumble Dryer

Ice cubes added to your tumble dryer can prevent your clothes from wrinkling. Pop a couple of cubes in at the beginning of the drying cycle. As the cubes melt they’ll steam your clothes, leaving them less creased when they’re dry.


Black and White Vacuum Cleaner Graphic

Vacuum Cleaner

Once dents have been made in your carpet, from sofa or chair legs, they’re really hard to remove even with the suction of your vacuum cleaner. If this is the case in your home, put ice on the dents and allow it to melt. Then try vacuuming again. The fibres should be more malleable and will be easier to plump up so that the dent is removed.


Household Fan

A bowl of ice placed in front of a fan on a hot day will increase its cooling potential. The air the fan blows around the room will be colder, which increases your appliance’s effectiveness – much cheaper than an air conditioning unit!

Washing Machines In A RowWashing Machine

You may have heard that rinsing stained garments in cold water before putting them through the washing machine stops the machine from setting the stain. Ice is even better at this. Rub ice over your stained garment as soon as you can after your clothes get soiled to help your washing machine get your clothes lovely and clean.



Keeping ice in the freezer will help new food added to it freeze more quickly. This is great not only for convenience, but also for enhancing food hygiene and keeping your food fresher.


If you want to try out these ice tips for yourself you’ll need ice and for that you’ll need a fully functioning freezer. If there’s anything holding yours back from working at full efficiency (like an unreliable thermostat or broken trays), don’t give your appliance the cold shoulder! Get the parts you need and fix up your freezer.

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