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How to Avoid Ever Paying For a New Appliance Again!

Woman Considering Buying A New Washing Machine

So you’ve got that sinking feeling. The one that comes when you pre-heat your oven only to find when you go to put your food in it’s not hot. Or when you notice a puddle under your freezer and open the door to find it’s completely defrosted. Your appliance has broken down. That’s a few hundred pounds you’ll have to stump up for replacement, not great for your bank balance or your mood! But read on and we’ll reveal some alternatives to getting stung with new appliance costs.

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Clumsiness Is Not An Excuse For Broken Appliances

Clumsiness Is Not An Excuse For Broken Appliances

When you think of memorable dates July 1st isn’t one which normally springs to mind. But the date does have its own connotations. For example, July 1st 2015 was the hottest day of the year (to date) and the hottest day for nine years. Due to the heat a heat-health alert was issued for all of England – and we did our bit, by posting tips via our “Keep Cool During This Week’s Heat Wave” post.

Aside from being a record breaking day in 2015, July 1st according to Direct Line, is the day of the year when home insurance claims rise by as much as 60% – leading to them labelling the day, the “clumsiest day of the year”.Read more

BuySpares Sign Up To National Fix It Week

National Fix It WeekFrom cookers and microwaves, through to bread-makers, coffee machines and vacuum cleaners, at BuySpares we appreciate that our homes are homes to a multitude of appliances, each of which have their own individual uses. Unfortunately, from time to time appliances can gain a fault which can render them next to useless.

In these situations, many of us will dispose of the faulty appliance and purchase another one, or in the cases of some appliances such as the smaller kitchen ones, go without. But why should you either have to go without a certain appliance, or purchase a replacement, when you can fix it yourself.Read more

Get Your Spares to Anywhere, From Your Mobile

There popularity of mobile devices continues to increase and with the new international delivery feature on our mobile website you can order appliance spares to be delivered anywhere. It is truly staggering that you can search, view and buy more than 2 million spare parts on a portable device and even more impressive that once you have found the part you need it can be shipped anywhere in the world!Read more