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National Fix It WeekFrom cookers and microwaves, through to bread-makers, coffee machines and vacuum cleaners, at BuySpares we appreciate that our homes are homes to a multitude of appliances, each of which have their own individual uses. Unfortunately, from time to time appliances can gain a fault which can render them next to useless.

In these situations, many of us will dispose of the faulty appliance and purchase another one, or in the cases of some appliances such as the smaller kitchen ones, go without. But why should you either have to go without a certain appliance, or purchase a replacement, when you can fix it yourself.

To encourage DIY-ers of all levels to save money and fix household appliances, National Fix It Week was launched.

What is National Fix It Week:

Household appliances, particularly the larger appliances such as dishwashers, cookers and washing machines can be costly. Replacing such an appliance can also be costly, not only for the owner and their bank balance, but also for the environment due to many faulty appliances ending up in a landfill.

It has previously been suggested that as many as 30 percent of washing machines which are thrown away and classed as faulty are only blocked, and require no spare parts and little if any cost for the fault to be fixed.

In an attempt to encourage homeowners to repair rather than replace their appliances when a fault occurs, National Fix It Week – an annual event which runs in October – was launched.

National Fix It Week, which this year runs between October 19th and October 25th is a chance for experts and amateurs alike to share advice, guidance and tips, not to mention support enabling more appliances to be repaired rather than replaced – saving money (and the environment).

How Are BuySpares Getting Involved?

At BuySpares we appreciate that maintaining an appliance can help prolong the life expectancy of each appliance; whether it be the washing machine which has a life expectancy of fourteen years, a fridge which has a seventeen year life expectancy or a tumble dryer whose life expectancy is eighteen years.

To help you ensure that your appliances live up to their life expectancy and continue to perform to the standard they did when you first purchased them, at BuySpares we’re getting involved in National Fix It Week, with a range of activities.

Throughout the week, we’ll be utilising our blog to share a range of infographics, ranging from the ten tools to start the perfect tool box; through to a step-by-step guide on how to replace an element within your oven.

Our blog will also be used to share a advice, guidance and “how-to” information to give DIY-ers of all levels the knowledge they need to fix any appliance within their home.

We’ll also be taking to social media to share further information and engage with our customers, helping them to get the most out of National Fix It Week.

By building on our cluster of blogs and social media activity during National Fix It Week, at BuySpares we hope to further provide DIY-ers of all levels with the power, knowledge and confidence not only during the week, but on an ongoing basis to tackle those broken household appliances and save themselves money in the process.

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