Top 8 Fix It Videos to Celebrate National Fix It Week

fix-it-logoAs we join in the celebrations that are National Fix It Week, at BuySpares we thought it would be nice to collate some of our wisdom, experience and advice from over the years to help you fix your household appliances, and as a result we’ve collared our resident engineer to provide us with a rundown of his top 8 BuySpares videos.

The videos which make up this top eight may not necessarily be those which have garnered the highest views or the most comments on YouTube, but instead are those which he feels will be the most useful for you, our loyal customers as you look to fix your appliances with little outlay.

So without further ado (and in no particular order), please find the Top 8 “Fix It” videos:

How to Cure a Smelly Washing Machine

A smelly washing machine is something all of us will suffer from at one point or another; and the most common cause of a smelly washing machine is mould forming within the soap dispenser.

In this video, we explain how to cure (and prevent) such odours.

How to Fix a Loss of Suction in a Vacuum

Your vacuum cleaner is the one appliance you rely on to keep your home clean; yet from time to time the appliance can gain a fault, such as loss of suction.

Although this may seem like a difficult fault to fix, in reality it is straightforward and only takes a matter of minutes; as we explain within this video.

How to Replace the Pump in a Washing Machine

None of us expect our washing machine to have water left after it has finished its cycle; but without the correct maintenance this can easily happen as pumps become blocked and faulty.

In the third video in our engineer’s list, we look at how to replace the washing machine pump to enable you to fix such a fault.

How to Remove the Filters from a Dishwasher

In much the same way none of us would expect our washing machine to be left with water at the end of the cycle, very few of us would expect our dishwasher to experience a similar fault.

Thankfully such a fault is relatively easy to fix and generally (in most cases) will only require the filters to be removed and cleaned, as we explain in this video.

How to Replace a Dishwasher Cutlery Basket

A faulty cutlery basket in your dishwasher may not seem like a major fault, but if left can cause serious issues as cutlery slips through the gaps and hits against the spray arms.

Fixing (or replacing as this case is) a broken cutlery basket is not a difficult task, in-fact it’s one of the simplest you could carry out during National Fix It Week.

How to Replace Carbon Brushes on a Washing Machine

The carbon brushes on your washing machine play a vital role in keeping the motor running. If (and when) they become worn, it’s important to change them to keep your washing machine working. We explain how to quickly and efficiently replace the carbon brushes in the sixth entry in this top eight.

How to Remove and Replace the Door Seal on an Oven

Potentially one of the most important appliances within your home, the oven. It’s used on a daily basis and helps you provide a range of gourmet delights for your friends and family.

Unfortunately, as we all know such vigorous use of the oven can take its toll on the appliance, especially on the door seal which can easily become damaged. In this video we explain how to remove and repair door seals on an oven to get your appliance working to its full potential.

How to Stop Water Collecting in Your Fridge

The fridge not only plays an important role in keeping your food fresh for longer, but is also one of few appliances as homeowners we trust to be left plugged in whilst we’re away on holiday.

Unfortunately, despite such trust in the appliance, fridges can and do gain faults with one of the most common faults being water collecting in the fridge. Fixing such a fault however doesn’t need to be costly or hard work as we explain within this video.

Each of these helpful BuySpares videos have been selected due to their ability to provide simple, straightforward advice which can be used by homeowners of any DIY skill to fix and repair their appliances, not only during National Fix It Week – but whenever a fault may arise.

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