Treat Your Appliances This Valentine’s Day!

Love Your AppliancesAt BuySpares we believe you should love to your appliances and what better time to start than Valentine’s Day. Showing your appliances a bit of love and TLC will help keep them in full working order and can even help to extend the lifespan – saving you money!

Care and maintenance products such as limescale remover, degreaser and fridge deodorisers are the perfect gift for appliances and will ensure your kitchen appliances are clean, fresh and fault-free. Protecting the internal components can help to extend the lifespan of your appliances and ensure that they operate as efficiently as possible. It will also mean parts are less likely to fail so you can potentially save the time, effort and money that a repair costs!

You can also improve the aesthetics of your appliances by replacing any tired or worn out parts like faded cooker knobs and broken shelves. These cosmetic changes can make a big difference to the appearance of your appliances and it is possible to spruce up just about any home appliance.

Replacing items like hob burner caps and control knobs can quickly give a cooker a new lease of life while basket wheels, cutlery holders and racks can easily be replaced on a dishwasher that has seen better days.

Your fridge freezer might benefit from a good clean and the replacement of any broken or cracked shelves, bottle holders or egg trays will help you get organised and make better use of the space. Similarly replacing a broken washing machine detergent drawer or mouldy door seal on your washing machine will help make it work and look newer than it is.

For more pointers on how to care for your appliances visit the appliance maintenance section of this blog. You can buy any spare parts you need at BuySpares and remember Valentines Day isn’t until the 14th so there is still plenty of time to order.

BuySpares Top Tip: To avoid mould and bacteria growing in the dispenser draw that can cause unpleasant smells then you should try leaving the drawer and drum door open after use for several hours to allow the drawer to fully dry out – simple but effective!

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