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Wellco Cleaning ProductsHave a quick look around your kitchen, chances are you’ve not only got a cooker, cooker hood, fridge and freezer on show; but there’s also likely to be other kitchen appliances from microwaves and kettles, through to toasters and coffee makers. Each of these appliances are, in their own special way, vital to helping you produce the culinary delights and hot beverages you and your family enjoy.

What happens when these appliances start to lose their appeal or the effectiveness due to the build up of dirt? You may be tempted to use any standard all purpose kitchen cleaner to offer a slight clean; but why settle for this, when you can utilise the cleaning power of Wellco cleaning products which will return your kitchen back to its former glory.

Wellco have a number of kitchen cleaning products within their range, and some of their products which should be taking pride of place within your cleaning basket include the…

Stainless Steel Cleaner:

From your cooker hood through to your kettle, there’s likely to be a number of stainless steel products within your kitchen. Keeping these clean without any smears can often seem a difficult task, no matter what cleaning products or old fashioned cleaning tips you decide to try, such as vinegar and warm water.

Instead of wasting time trying various cleaning products, trust the cleaning power provided by the Wellco Stainless Steel Cleaner, which is suitable for an extensive range of surfaces including cooker hoods, sinks and hobs.

The non-abrasive cleaner will not only cut through and remove grease, water marks and dirt which has built up on your stainless steel products; but it also provides a silicone water-resistant coating, which will project the surface from future staining, helping your kitchen to shine once again.

Microwave Cleaner:

From cooking beans through to defrosting items, your microwave can play an invaluable role without your kitchen and cooking experience; but due to the amount of food and usage your microwave experiences, the dirt can build up within the appliance, as can bacteria caused as a result of condensation.

Removing such dirt and bacteria from the appliance to bring your microwave back to its former glory is thankfully an easy task when you have the Wellco Microwave Cleaner on your side, as the non-toxic, biodegradable formula will cut through any build up of grease or burnt on food to provide a sparkling finish.

Despite its strong cleaning qualities, the Wellco Microwave Cleaner is suitable for use around all food items, making it the perfect cleaning product to help bring your kitchen back to its former glory.

Dishwasher Degreaser:

The dishwasher is one of the appliances within your kitchen which you rely on to clean when it is used; but from time to time your dishwasher can let you down due to gaining faults caused by blockages which can be caused by a build up of grease within the pipes, or food debris clogging up the filters.

Cleaning the filter within your dishwasher is a quick and easy task which can be done within minutes. Once you’ve removed the bottom draw from your machine, locate the filter, twist it anticlockwise for a quarter of a turn and then lift it out.

The debris caught within the filter can then be emptied out into a bin, whilst the filter can be washed within warm soapy water, before being put back into the dishwasher ready for use.

As for the Wellco Dishwasher Degreaser, this targets those places which you’re unable to reach with your everyday cleaning; and will cut through grease and remove food deposits from your machine; helping to remove any unpleasant odours which may be lingering; ensuring a hygienic clean whenever it’s used, helping your dishwasher return to its full working potential.

Fridge / Freezer Cleaner:

Your rely on your fridge and freezer to keep your food fresh; so it’s important to make sure that your  fridge and freezer are kept clean and hygienic, not just on the outside but inside your fridge and freezer too.

One of the best ways to do this is when your fridge is virtually empty, is to remove the remaining items before providing your fridge with a thorough clean, making sure that any spillages which may have occurred are wiped away.

To guarantee a thorough and hygienic clean, both within your fridge and freezer, utilise the power of the Wellco Fridge & Freezer Cleaner which will remove unpleasant odours as well as the build up of stains, spills and any other dirt which may be present in your fridge / freezer.

Oven Cleaner:

Cooking any meal, whether fish fingers and chips for the little ones or a lasagne for you and your partner, will takes its toll on your oven. Food falls off the baking trays, sauces spill over or grease splatters cover the sides and oven door.

Over time the dirt can build up and not only leave unpleasant odours and leave the oven looking grubby, but the build up of dirt within your oven can also begin to hinder the performance of the appliance, which could prove costly.

But why run the risk of your oven gaining a fault when you could easily clean it, with the help of Wellco Oven Cleaner, which cuts through caked-on grease and burnt food with ease; and the non-abrasive and non-corrosive formula is safe to use on all areas of your cooker, from the shelves and walls through to electric grills.

Along with cleaning your oven, it’s important to clean your….

Ceramic Hob Cleaner:

Cooking on the hob can often lead to grease being spat out of the saucepan when the heat rises, or a pan boiling over as you attend to something else. Unfortunately, as this happens when you’re cooking, it’s not possible to clean it up straight away which means the dirt gets cooked on.

Once the hob has cooled down, cleaning the dirt can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the right cleaning products to hand. But why not eliminate the need for unnecessary elbow grease, by using the Wellco Ceramic Hob Cleaner.

The cleaner has been formulated to make light work of not only grease and burnt on food; but to also remove limescale and water marks without damaging the surface.

Along with using the ceramic hob cleaner to clean the grease marks from your hob, Wellco also have a ceramic hob scraper which is great for shifting those burnt on stubborn stains, which if lift unattended will continue to cook on more each time the hob is used, making it difficult to clean when you finally get round to it.

With the dedicated Wellco cleaning products used on each of the appliances within your kitchen, you’ll not only see your appliances (no matter how old) begin to shine once again, but you’ll also see their effectiveness increase, providing your with a kitchen which you can once again be proud of.

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