Save Money During Big Energy Saving Week

Starting today is the Big Energy Saving Week and it runs up until the 26th of January 2020. The week is all about saving money on your fuel and energy bills, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to share with you some of the products we have available that can help you save pounds and pence of your monthly utility bills.
Over the coming months we will look at various ways you can save money around the home with particular focus on saving energy and reducing costs by caring for your appliances effectively. In this post we start with two of the easiest energy saving changes you can make: switching to energy saving light bulbs and protecting your appliances against limescale build up.

Switching To Energy Efficient Lightbulbs

We all have dozens of bulbs in use everyday throughout the home and they may be costing you money unnecessarily. You probably already know that energy saving light bulbs are more efficient and cost-effective than traditional bulbs, but exactly how much could making the change impact on your monthly bills?

The results might surprise you. The EnergySavingTrust states that replacing just one traditional bulb with an energy saving light bulb can save £3 a year on average and by swapping all your inefficient bulbs in your home you could save around £55 a year!

View our range of energy saving light bulbs and fittings.

Preventing Limescale Build Up

Limescale is prominent in hard water areas and can be a big threat to the health of all your home appliances that are connected to the water supply or use unfiltered water to function. Appliances that are commonly effected by limescale build up include washing machines, dishwashers, steam cleaners, kettles and coffee makers.

Limescale deposits can cover internal components of your appliances such as heating elements. This covering makes your appliances operate less efficiently and as a result they need to work harder to deliver the same performance levels you have come to expect. The major downside to this is that all this extra work can add needlessly to your utility bills and if the problem persists it can even cause parts to fail.

Fortunately, limescale can be prevented and its impact restricted by using a descaling product in your appliances regularly. We have descaler for washing machines, dishwasher and coffee makers as well as versatile descaler for small appliances.

About Big Energy Saving Week

Big Energy Saving Week is the result of collaboration between Citizens Advice, Energy Saving Trust, Government, energy suppliers and other voluntary and charitable organizations. It is all about helping consumers like you make smart energy choices and save money on your utility bills. For more information visit the Citizens Advice website.

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