7 Great Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

Pouring Filtered Water Into Glass

It’s fair to say water is very important for us human beings. We’re made up of about 60% of it after all. Water in the UK is cleaned and processed carefully so that it’s healthy and safe for us to drink, but there’s still a way to make it healthier… filtered water!

Using a water filter has a whole host of perks for our health and our enjoyment of foods and drinks. In fact you may be surprised at just how many benefits there are from filtering your water.

1. Limescale Removal

In hard water areas limescale can be damaging to appliances. Using filtered water in your small appliances like kettles, coffee makers and steam irons protects them from limescale and keeps them working well for as long as possible.

2. Healthier Water

Tap water contains some chlorine which is used in water processing plants to sanitise it. Running water through a filter removes this chlorine and other impurities making the water you’re drinking healthier, which is especially good if you have little ones at home.

Water Splashes Close Up

3. Enhanced Taste

This one is down to personal preference of course, but many people say that filtered water tastes better.

4. Improved Tea

One explanation why filtered water is so popular amongst us Brits is because it makes tea better! Tea made with filtered water doesn’t have the same layer of scaly impurities you sometimes get sitting on top of your unfiltered cuppa. Tea or coffee made with filtered water also has a more intense flavour.

Cup Of Tea Brewed With Filtered Water

5. Removal of Rust or Dirt

Water has a lot of pipes to travel through on its way to your tap so it’s quite likely it will pick up some small particles of rust or dirt along the journey. If you’re drinking filtered water these particles will get caught into the filter, rather than making their way into your body.

6. Improved Cooking

Using filtered water to boil your veggies or pasta also has an effect on the taste. You can choose to either share this tip or leave your nearest and dearest scratching their heads as to the reason why your food always tastes so good! Even instant soups taste better with filtered water.

Boiling Vegetables In Filtered Water

7. Filtered Water Still Contains the Good Stuff

Healthy minerals dissolved in water like calcium, potassium and magnesium are not removed by water filters so you can still rest assured you’re getting the mineral benefits from your H2O as well as the hydration.

If you want to take advantage of filtered water in your home there are a couple of ways to do so. You can invest in a fridge with a water filter. These are great, especially on hot days, as they dispense cool water and ice too. You just have to make sure to replace your fridge filters regularly to enjoy the benefits. Alternatively a water jug with an inbuilt filter is a great way to enjoy filtered water economically.

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