Kettle Limescale, Make Sure You Filter Out The Problem!

teaYou may well be aware of the damaging effect that limescale can have on your larger home appliances like the washing machine or dishwasher, but what about the small appliances. Everything from coffee makers to irons can be a victim! In this post we focus on how kettle filters prevent limescale getting in your cuppa!

Did you consider filtration when you bought your kettle?

Kettle LimescaleNot everyone is aware but the filter on a kettle has a very important role to play when it comes to a great tasting beverage. The filter is vital in removing impurities like the limescale causing mineral deposits from water, every time we boil and pour. Limescale filters are the mesh filter in the spout of the kettle. They are designed to be fine enough and fit tight enough to stop any limescale getting into your cup.

The spout filter should be very easy to remove for cleaning purposes and will usually just pull out. Occasionally the filter can become blocked or worn out. You can buy a replacement kettle filter for just a few pounds.

The internal parts of the kettle, like the element, are also at risk. A coating of limescale will lower the efficiency of the appliance and shorten the lifespan. It is easily avoided by using a quality descaler product – you can view our range here.

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