Benefit From Purer Water With a Water Filter

Benefit from Purer Water with a Water FilterFrom your morning cup of coffee and your elevenses cup of tea, to the squash your children drink and the water tonight’s pasta is cooked in, each day we all consume a vast amount of water, but very few of us consume water which has benefited from a water filter.

Now we all know that drinking water is good for you. In-fact there are a number of well-known (and some not so well-known) facts about water, which highlight the importance of drinking enough water on a daily basis.

For example, did you know that drinking water can help to lead to increased energy levels, with the most common cause of afternoon fatigue in the office being due to mild-dehydration. Whilst for those looking to maintain a healthy weight water can also help due to aiding with the increasing of the metabolism at the same time as regulating appetite.

In-fact, water offers a vast number of health benefits and can improve your overall health from preventing and alleviating headaches, through to flushing out waste and bacteria – helping to keep your body fighting fit and healthy.

But whilst water is good for you, and a healthy person can drink up to 48 cups per day (the recommended intake is 8 cups), there are more than 2100 known contaminants within everyday tap water, which not only impact on the taste but can also cause health issues.

To improve the taste of your water, and to significantly minimise the number of containments within your glass, you should use a water filter as and when possible – whether this is as part of an accessory within your fridge, or by purchasing a water filter jug.

Fridge Water Filter:

There are a number of large fridges which come with a water dispenser inbuilt, and these appliances use a water filter to provide that pure taste which so many of us love when having a cool, refreshing drink of water after a workout or on a hot summers day.

However, to keep the water tasting pure and refreshing, it is important that the filter within the fridge is changed roughly every six months, although this may vary depending on the fridge make and model – so you should always check the operating manual.

Changing the water filter on your fridge takes little time at all and is easy to do, but for those who may not have done it before, we’ve produced this handy “How to Change the Water Filter Canisters in a Fridge Freezer” video.

Water Filter Jug:

For those that don’t have a water dispenser built into their fridge, a water filter jug can offer all the same benefits, by turning your tap water into filtered water, whilst on some water filter jugs, such as the Brita Water Filter Jug, an electric memo reminds you every month to replace your filter cartridge – keeping you with pure, filtered water year round.

An added benefit of a water filter jug is that to help keep the water tasting at its best the jugs are dishwasher safe, making the cleaning of them as easy as getting fresh, filtered water.

Next time you put the kettle on, instead of getting your water straight from the tap why not use a water filter, and enjoy the taste of cleaner and clearer water.

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