10 Top Cleaning Tips For Kitchen Counter Appliances

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Kitchens have by far the most appliances than any other room in the house. Kitchen counters alone house microwaves, kettles, toasters, coffee makers and a whole host of other machines. These appliances are designed to save you time in the kitchen, but they do add another chore to your to-do list: cleaning them.

Luckily removing appliance grease doesn’t take too much too much elbow grease as long as you know the right appliance cleaning shortcuts.

1. Don’t Put Cleaning Tasks Off

A stitch in time saves nine. If you clean your appliances every time you use them they can, in most cases, be cleaned in a matter of seconds. Mop up microwave spills straight away before they have the chance to dry and harden, clean granules out of your coffee machine filter straight after brewing and rinse blenders promptly. Once you get into the swing of these good habits, cleaning your small kitchen appliances really will be far easier.

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2. Use Your Dishwasher Where Possible

Don’t waste precious time scrubbing by hand if the removable parts of your appliance can go in the dishwasher. Always double check if you’re not sure though, hand washing may be more inconvenient, but it’s easier than having to replace parts of your appliance. If you do have an appliance mishap though, we can help you with replacement parts, so you don’t have to replace your whole appliance.

3. Clean Your Blender by Blending

Rather than trying to get into all the fiddly nooks and crannies when cleaning your blender, use this effort saving method instead. Fill your blender with warm water and a squirt of washing up liquid and run it. Rinse with more hot water to finish the job.

4. Soak Don’t Scrub

If food has dried or burnt onto parts of your appliance, like your microwave plate or slow cooker pot, leave them to soak. Washing up will be far simpler and quicker. (It hopefully goes without saying that this advice only applies to non electrical parts!)

5. Descale Appliances if Necessary

Limescale is a breeding ground for bacteria. If you live in a hard water area descale your appliances regularly to keep them clean and efficient with a specialist appliance descaler. This doesn’t just apply to kitchen counter appliances like coffee machines. Any appliance that heats water, like your dishwasher or washing machine will benefit from descaling.

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6. Steam Clean Your Microwave

You don’t need a steam cleaner to be able to steam clean your microwave. A bowl of warm water and lemon juice or warm water and white vinegar microwaved for a few minutes will steam and deodorise your appliance for easy, pleasant cleaning.

7. Use Residual Heat from Appliances to Help Clean Them

A damp cloth or a few sheets of damp kitchen towel sandwiched in waffle makers or sandwich toaster whilst they’re still warm will steam off the burnt on food and help clean them. Just be sure to keep the cloth moist so that it doesn’t dry out.

8. Check Cleaning Instructions in Manual

As you no doubt know how to use a microwave or kettle already you may not have even glanced over the appliance manual when you bought your new appliance. But if you still have the manual, we recommend digging it out and giving it a flick through; you may find it has some handy cleaning and maintenance tips and tricks.

9. Use pastry brush to remove stubborn toaster crumbs

Shaking your toaster upside down over the sink can only do so much to remove the crumbs that have built up inside it. Clean out the crumb tray underneath your toaster if your model has one and for hard to shift crumbs us a pastry brush to brush them out of your toaster’s crevices (ensuring the toaster is cold and unplugged first).

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10. Specialist cleaning products

You may find specialist cleaning products, specifically designed for a purpose are better suited to your appliance. Specialist cleaners for stainless steel, for example, will leave your stainless steel appliances shinier and newer looking than generic cleaning products.

Once you’ve adopted these handy tips and tricks and your kitchen counter appliances are sparkling, you may find it’s other appliances around your home that could do with a good clean. We’ve got advice to help you in that case too with cleaning tips for your vacuum cleaner and advice on how to cure a smelly washing machine. So don’t put the marigolds away just yet!

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