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Tumble Dryer VentingDepending on the type of tumble dryer you own and the layout of your kitchen or utility – the type of venting solution you need will vary. In this post we look at some of the options available to prevent steam, moisture and condensation building-up in your home.

Let Steam Escape to the Outside!

tumble dryer venting

The first venting option is a wall vent kit. This type of vent kit provides a permanent solution from your tumble dryer to the wall. The kits are usually easy to install, but the installation will involve the removal of a house brick, or cutting a hole in the wall, to make room for the vent. A wall vent kit enables you to vent the condensation produced by the drying process direct to the outside via a vent hose.

An Innovative Solution for Indoor Venting

In some cases it may not be practical to vent your tumble dryer to the outside. A condensor box is the simple solution. The condensor box simply attaches to your tumble dryer using a vent hose. The box should be filled with ice or cold water and works by cooling the steam produced by the drying process, turning it back into water which can be easily discarded

Alongside venting kits, you can also buy the full range of tumble dryer accessories at BuySpares including replacement vent hoses, tumble dryer balls and stacking kits.

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  1. gary nichoson

    April 4, 2013 | 06:09 - Reply

    where does the vent hose go now on a compact tumble dryer? cant be the back as in most cases there is no hole there. is it at the front? I`m at a loss

    • mark

      April 11, 2013 | 08:33 - Reply

      Thanks for the response. I have spoken to one of our engineers and he has confirmed there are two types of tumble dryer commonly on sale in the UK domestic market. Vented tumble dryers: These all have some method of venting the steam and moisture along a hose, if not from the back or side sometimes from the centre of the door on “Table top” models.

      The other type without a vent hose are the condenser dryer types, these all have a container where the condensation removed from the damp air is collected. In some cases condenser machines may allow this water directly out to a suitable nearby drain. If the dryer you have does not have a hose connection in the places above, it is possible you have a condensing dryer.

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