What Stops a Tumble Dryer Tumbling?

The winter months are upon us and the tumble dryer is sure to be in demand. What if the laundry is piling up and the worst happens, the tumble dryer suddenly stops working. You will want to get it fixed and operational again as quickly as possible. A do-it-yourself repair is likely to be the best option; however before you can fix it you need to work out what’s wrong. In this post we look at the possible causes of one of the most common tumble dryer faults: the tumble dryer drum not turning.

There are several failed parts that might be responsible. The first of these is the tumble dryer belt. In some brands and model of tumble dryer a drive belt is used to turn the drum. It is possible for the belt to slip or in some cases to snap. It could also be the pulley as these can wear at the same rate as the belt; however it is possible for the belt to be fine and the pulley to have broken.

You will need to open the tumble dryer up to inspect the above mentioned parts. Remember to always make safety a priority and contact a professional if you are in any doubt.

If both the belt and pulley are ok then it could be an issue with the motor. You can test the motor using a multimeter, but ensure the power is not connected. There is also the possibility that a defective door switch may be at the route of the problem, as on some models of tumble dryer the door switch can impact the tumble dryers drum’s ability to tumble.

Remember, the information in this post is for reference purposes only and is intended to provide a rough guide to potential causes of the issue. If in any doubt, you should contact a qualified appliance repair professional. However, if you have identified a failed part and are going to attempt a do-it-yourself repair, then you will find a number of useful tumble dryer repair and how to videos on the BuySpares YouTube channel.

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