Is Your Tumble Dryer Ready For The Cold Weather?

As the weather gets  colder, the chances are you will become more reliant on your tumble dryer to keep on top of the laundry. This is exactly the time of year you want to avoid any problems or faults that may stop your tumble dryer from working properly. In this post we look at some of the regular checks and additions to your tumble dryer care routine that will help.

Getting The Best Out of Your Tumble Dryer

Firstly, you should never overload the tumble dryer. It can be tempting when you have a large pile of laundry to try and fit as much in as possible, however this can unbalance the machine and cause a variety of problems. One of the main problems that can be caused by overloading a tumble dryer is that it restricts the amount of space the air has to circulate and this may cause your dryer to overheat.

Another tip for getting the best out of your tumble dryer is to separate out the fabrics. This may seem like an unnecessary and time consuming task, however washing groups of similar fabrics together is actually more efficient. Separating fabrics can reduce drying times and even save energy – which is great news for your household bills. It is also advisable to loosen laundry as if it is tightly bound together after washing it will take longer to dry.  Another way to save energy and money is to replace traditional fabric softener with tumble dryer balls – read our earlier post ‘Save money and energy with tumble dryer balls’ to discover how they work and the benefits.

Tumble Dryer Cleaning Tips

The filter is one component of a tumble dryer that needs to cleaned on a regular basis to prevent fluff and lint building up. A clogged up tumble dryer filter will only impede air flow and can reduce the efficiency of the appliance. Overtime it may be necessary to replace the fluff filter if it has become damaged.

Tumble Dryer Repairs

There are only a few common faults that can go wrong with a tumble dryer. It is usually possible to attempt a do-it-yourself tumble dryer repair; this will usually be more cost-effective than calling out an engineer or buying a replacement. Amongst the most common tumble dryer faults are: the tumble dryer is failing to heat up, the drum failing to turn and trouble with catches and handles. For more information on tumble dryer repairs and common faults visit our appliance advice centre.

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