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Keep Your Appliances Working, By Diagnosing Faults

Diagnose Tumble Dryer FaultsThere are a few things which whatever the weather, as homeowners we still need to do, from cleaning floors through to washing clothes. Unfortunately with the latter, during the winter months when the rain falls, drying clothes once they’ve been washed can often be difficult, especially if your tumble dryer is not working to its full potential.

A fact of life though, is that as with any appliance, tumble dryers can with constant use and little maintenance gain faults, which if not rectified at the earliest opportunity can lead to the efficiency of the appliance dwindling or the appliance not working completely.Read more

How To Keep Your Tumble Dryer Running

Tumble Dryer MaintenanceYour tumble dryer is one appliance which for half the year goes relatively unused, yet as soon as winter arrives is put through its paces as you fight with the weather and a short space of time to get your freshly washed clothes dried for the next week.

Pushing your tumble dryer to the limits however can take its toll on your appliance and lead to faults occurring, and ultimately your appliance giving up the ghost and you looking for alternative ways to dry your clothes, which is far from ideal.Read more

What Stops a Tumble Dryer Tumbling?

The winter months are upon us and the tumble dryer is sure to be in demand. What if the laundry is piling up and the worst happens, the tumble dryer suddenly stops working. You will want to get it fixed and operational again as quickly as possible. A do-it-yourself repair is likely to be the best option; however before you can fix it you need to work out what’s wrong. In this post we look at the possible causes of one of the most common tumble dryer faults: the tumble dryer drum not turning.Read more