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How To Clean Your Tumble Dryer

How To Clean Your Tumble Dryer

Come winter, drying your washing can seem like an uphill battle. But with a fully functioning tumble dryer, there’s no reason why you cannot get your washing dry and prevent your laundry basket from overflowing.

Key to keeping your appliance working to its full potential, therefore keeping your laundry bin empty and your energy bills down is to keep your tumble dryer clean – and this can be done by following the advice outlined below.Read more

5 Laundry Essentials You Need Year Round

Woman Loading Washing Machine

With winter now upon us, getting laundry clean and dry may seem like a difficult task; especially with the weather winter brings preventing you from being able to hang the washing out. As a result, it’s likely that along with regular use of your washing machine, you’ll be heavily relying on your tumble dryer to assist with your laundry needs.

Whilst your washing machine and tumble dryer will become two appliances which you’ll rely heavily on during the winter months, there are a number of laundry essentials which you should consider investing in, to make your winter laundry a breeze.Read more

4 Essentials to Get the Most Out of Your Tumble Dryer

Tumble Dryer Care and MaintenanceWinter may be upon us, the skies may be grey and the rain falling on a daily basis; but we all need to make sure that our clothes are dried after being washed. Having clothes left to dry on radiators is not ideal, as the moisture contained will be drawn into the room which can lead to condensation and in some cases damp forming. Drying clothes on radiators can also hinder the performance of your heating and cost you money.Read more

How To Keep Your Tumble Dryer Running

Tumble Dryer MaintenanceYour tumble dryer is one appliance which for half the year goes relatively unused, yet as soon as winter arrives is put through its paces as you fight with the weather and a short space of time to get your freshly washed clothes dried for the next week.

Pushing your tumble dryer to the limits however can take its toll on your appliance and lead to faults occurring, and ultimately your appliance giving up the ghost and you looking for alternative ways to dry your clothes, which is far from ideal.Read more

5 Laundry Essentials You Must Have

Laundry EssentialsThe change in the weather means you are probably going to be reliant on tumble drying to ensure your clothes are washed and dry in time for work and play. In this post we look at some of the innovative and essential laundry accessories available for washing machines and tumble dryers. We cover everything from care products to maintain your appliances through to money saving aids and tips for averting laundry disasters.Read more

Easy Ways To Get Your Appliances Ready For 2013

Taking better care of your home appliances is one New Year resolution that is sure to benefit you in 2013. Taking the time to ensure your home appliances are working efficiently and that there are not broken parts is an easy and effective way to save money. In this post we take a quick look at each appliance and recommend some easy maintenance and checks that can prevent any problems.Read more