4 Essentials to Get the Most Out of Your Tumble Dryer

Tumble Dryer Care and MaintenanceWinter may be upon us, the skies may be grey and the rain falling on a daily basis; but we all need to make sure that our clothes are dried after being washed. Having clothes left to dry on radiators is not ideal, as the moisture contained will be drawn into the room which can lead to condensation and in some cases damp forming. Drying clothes on radiators can also hinder the performance of your heating and cost you money.

As such, it’s important during the winter months to ensure that your tumble dryer is in full working condition and ready to be used for those days when it is not possible to make use of the winter sunshine to dry your clothes outside.

With your tumble dryer set to be one of the main appliances which you rely heavily upon this winter, it’s important to make sure that you are able to get the most out of its performance; and to give you a helping hand, at BuySpares we’ve compiled this handy guide:

Keep it Clean:

All household appliances suffer from dirt and grime, and the build up of such will hinder the performance of the appliance. The tumble dryer is no different, so it’s important to make sure that your tumble dryer is kept clean.

Ideally, the lint trap and tumbler dryer filter should be cleaned after every use as this will enable the tumble dryer to work more efficiently, whilst it will also significantly reduce the risk of any accidental fires occurring.

Check Parts:

As vital as keeping your tumble dryer clean, is making sure that all parts are in full working order as even the smallest fault with a small component on your appliance can significantly impact on its performance or prevent it from working at all.

Ahead of its first use of the year, and during regular intervals it’s important to make sure that you give your tumble dryer a once over, particularly the tumble dryer drum, hose, tumble dryer door seals and drum paddles. If you spot a fault in either of these areas, you’ll find the perfect spare part from BuySpares, whilst we’ll also have the advice and guidance to help you get your appliance back to top condition.

Load Wisely:

The performance of your tumble dryer will depend significantly on how you load your washing machine, and there are a few do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind, such as don’t even attempt to dry heavy items such as cushions and duvets within your tumble dryer; and don’t overload the appliance as this will prevent hot air from circulating through the dryer – costing you money, whilst reducing the appliance’s efficiency.

Do, however, load similar fabric garments together, as this will help ensure an even dry, improving the efficiency of your tumble dryer and saving you money.

Use Dryer Balls:

Tumble dryer balls can, and will when used, significantly improve the performance of your tumble dryer, enhancing its efficiency, by separating the individual items within the machine as they go round, enabling the moisture within the garments to evaporate thoroughly. This in turn allows the load to dry quicker having the added bonus of helping to save you money.

By keeping your tumble dryer clean, ensuring all parts are in top condition and loading it wisely, you’ll not only see a significant improvement in the efficiency of your appliance, but you’ll also see the tumble dryer working for longer, helping you to save money whilst also dry those clothes throughout the year.

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