Pouring Filtered Water Into Glass

It’s fair to say water is very important for us human beings. We’re made up of about 60% of it after all. Water in the UK is cleaned and processed carefully so that it’s healthy and safe for us to drink, but there’s still a way to make it healthier… filtered water!

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Mirowave Blender Coffee Machine And Kettle copy

Kitchens have by far the most appliances than any other room in the house. Kitchen counters alone house microwaves, kettles, toasters, coffee makers and a whole host of other machines. These appliances are designed to save you time in the kitchen, but they do add another chore to your to-do list: cleaning them.

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Modern Laid Dinner Table

If your oven has broken down you may find dinners a challenge whilst you wait for a tradesperson or a replacement part for your appliance to arrive. You may think you’re limited to fast food and other unhealthy options. However if you have a microwave, slow cooker or even dishwasher you can still cook healthy nutritious meals from scratch, without the aid of your oven.

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Orange Tent Next To Mountain Scenery

Lovers of the great outdoors reject villas, hotels, cottages and even caravans to get close to nature with a camping trip. Camping is a great option for a low cost getaway or back to basics relaxing retreat.

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Bird Feeding On Ball Of Food

Did your parents ever talk to you about the importance of the birds and the bees? We’re not talking in euphemisms, we mean literally! If you have a garden, birds and bees are extremely useful visitors; they help to keep it healthy and to keep your plants and flowers blooming.

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Woman Choosing New Washing Machine

Most of the advice we give focuses on repairing your appliances rather than replacing them so it may come as a shock to see us talking about buying new appliances. There are sadly times however when appliances are broken beyond repair, or are so old so that it’s actually costing you more to run them than it is to buy a brand new machine.

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Football Goalkeeper Diving Out Of Screen

The highly anticipated 2016 UEFA Euro football tournament kicks off tomorrow which is great news for football enthusiasts. If you’re a hardcore fan you may even have booked time off work to watch the crucial games or invited friends over to support your team in a show of solidarity. But it’s not all fun and games!

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Woman Using Phone On Beach

Do you ever find yourself on an idyllic sandy beach worrying about whether or not you locked the front door at home? Not being around to keep an eye on your property can be unnerving, but fear not. We’ve put together some handy gadgets to help protect your home whilst you’re not there along with some top tips for holiday peace of mind. So next time you go away there’ll be nothing standing in the way of your rest and relaxation.

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Cheese Fruit Olives And Juice In Fridge

If your milk has gone sour or the vegetables in your crisper have gone mouldy it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve been left in the fridge too long. Repositioning your fridge’s contents could be all it takes to stop your food from going bad prematurely, but it’s also possible that there’s a fault with your appliance that needs fixing.

With summer approaching there’s no time like the present to ensure you’re getting the best out of your fridge so stop your food from spoiling with our top tips.

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Twenty Pound And Ten Pound Notes

Modern appliances aren’t as bad as their older counterparts for guzzling energy; they’re required by law in the EU to meet certain energy efficiency standards to help the environment. But there are still steps which can be taken to improve the efficiency of your appliances.

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