Essential gardening tasks to perform in summer

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Whether you’re a gardener, a DIY enthusiast or just someone whose outdoor spaces are in need of some TLC, here are some essential gardening tasks you should make time for this summer.

Clean your patio or paving

If your decking, patio or outdoor paving is looking a little grubby or suffering from algae or moss, remove it without the need for extensive elbow grease. Instead, turn to your Karcher pressure washer. This handy appliance will make the task easier, allowing you to give your outdoor spaces a thorough blast before scrubbing away any remaining dirt with a hard bristled brush.

Man with pressure washer cleaning garden patio

Get rid of weeds

Now is a great time to enjoy the flurry of flowers and colours that bloom throughout your garden. Yet it isn’t just flowers that are likely to be growing throughout your flowerbeds, but weeds too. One of the best ways to tackle weeds is to use a trowel or weed puller to get rid of them, allowing you to de-weed your garden without the need for any harsh chemical products.

Hand weeding garden

Don’t forget to water

Watering your flowerbeds, plant pots and lawn regularly is vital for keeping your garden and outdoor spaces looking vibrant and healthy. This is especially important to remember during hot days and heatwaves, or else your greenery could quickly wither and die. So make sure you have all the hoses and spray guns you need and keep your garden well watered today.

Garden hose spraying water

Keep pests at bay

Summer might be a great time for all things that grow… but it’s also a great (or not so great) time for all the pests that feast on greenery too. To make sure your outdoor areas aren’t ravaged by pests throughout summer, stock up on any pest control essentials you might need to fend off the hungry creepy crawlies. Your garden will surely thank you for it!

Fly on a leaf

Mow your lawn

While having a garden can be wonderful when the skies are clear and the sun is out, it also takes some maintenance. That’s why you should mow your lawn regularly to keep your grass under control. And make sure your lawnmower has everything it needs to do its job properly too! The last thing you want is an uneven lawn due to a dull lawnmower blade that’s in need of changing.

Lawnmower cutting lawn grass

Trim your greenery

Finally, your grass isn’t the only greenery that needs keeping in line. Whether it’s a tree you have in your garden or the hedges surrounding your property, trimming your garden greenery is important to make sure it remains healthy and well-kept. So get your garden trimmer ready and give your outdoor spaces the makeover they need before the branches and leaves start growing out of control!

Man using garden trimmer on branches

Now that you’re prepared to get the outside of your home looking spick and span, it’s time to enjoy that outdoor space too. Here are 7 barbecue recipes you have to try in your newly-groomed garden before the sun goes away!

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