Things you didn’t know you could put in the dishwasher

Dishwasher top rack

Having a dishwasher makes light work of washing dishes, giving more time in the day for other tasks. They are also convenient as they not only wash dishes but dry them too, so job done with minimal effort! However, the dishwasher can also be put to use washing other household items and accessories, not just dishes. Find out more about just some of the items you might never have thought of washing in the dishwasher.

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7 foods to help you stay hydrated in the heat

Woman drinking water in the heat

As summer has officially arrived, hot foods that kept you sustained in the previous months don’t seem as appealing. Drinking plenty of water a day can also seem daunting, however there are a number of foods that have a naturally high water content and can help keep you cool. They are also healthy for you too!

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5 natural weed killers to help get rid of those unwanted plants

Removing weeds in the garden

Spring is in full bloom, with its abundance of flowers and colourful tree blossoms, signalling that summer isn’t far away. Unfortunately spring also brings unwelcome plants in the form of weeds, taking up space and sprouting in areas around the home like the patio and garden. They also cause allergies and some like giant hogweed are notorious for being difficult to remove. If you don’t want to use chemical sprays and solutions, there are natural alternatives you can try, which might just work before more decide to sprout up. Learn more about what natural products you can use.

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