4 Vacuum Cleaner Tools to Help You Clean

4 Vacuum Cleaner Tools to Help You Clean

Did you know your vacuum cleaner only removes about 80% of dirt from your floors? Other dirt is able to remain loose and hide in the corners of your room. But, by accessorising your vacuum cleaner with the correct tools there’s no reason why you cannot provide your home with a deeper clean.

To help you pick the best vacuum tools for your vacuum, below we look at the 4 which will help you get a deeper clean.

Pet Grooming Tool:

Man’s best friend is his dog, with it being estimated that at least 24% of UK households own a dog. Whilst we’re a nation of pet lovers, they can make cleaning our homes a continuous chore, especially during the summer months when they shed their winter coat.

Thankfully Dyson have come up with an easier way to tackle dog hair, with the introduction of the Dyson Groom Tool.

The tool removes loose hair and dead skin cells directly from your pets, and to ensure its comfortable for your pets the groom tool splits the suction whilst it has also been engineered to remove loose hair in fewer strokes.

Once the loose hair has been removed, a flick of the thumb trigger retracts the bristles bringing full suction back to the soleplate and bringing the hair into the vacuum cleaner.

Crevice Tool:

Whilst your carpets and floor may look clean after running the vacuum over it, dust and dirt can still linger in your home – particularly in tight corners, along the skirting board and on top of your door frames.

Removing such dirt may seem difficult, but with a crevice tool attached to your vacuum hose it becomes a lot easier.

The crevice tool simply attaches to the hose of your vacuum cleaner, whilst its narrow nozzle makes it easier to reach and run along those tighter areas such as corners of your room, along your skirting board and the top of your door frame.

Dusting Brush:

Within our homes we have areas which are delicate and therefore scratch easily. Cleaning such areas can often be difficult, with dirt and debris often being left behind. By accessorising your vacuum cleaner with a dusting brush there are no such issues.

Unlike standard vacuum tools, dusting brushes aren’t too wide or too heavy to accurately clean awkward and delicate surfaces. Instead, their long soft bristles make it easy to dislodge dirt and clean the areas, without scratching or causing damage.

Such a vacuum tool is perfect to use on your blinds, wooden surfaces and shelves.

Upholstery Nozzle:

You may well be surprised to find out how much dirt, dust and allergens the upholstery – from couches to mattresses – throughout your home hold. In fact, mattresses can easily become packed with dead skin cells, dust mites, bacteria and much more – but by cleaning them regularly you can remove such dirt.

The easiest way to clean your mattress and other upholstery within your home is to use an upholstery nozzle with your vacuum cleaner.

Such a tool comes with wide thread catchers to make it easy not only to lift hair off your upholstery, but a range of other dirt – helping to keep your home cleaner.

To help you get the best floor tools for your vacuum cleaner, we recommend you watch our short video “How to Choose the Right Floor Tools for Your Vacuum Cleaner” below.

Each of the floor tools listed above, along with many others available via BuySpares, will help you provide an even deeper clean of your home – ensuring come rain or shine, it is left spotless, free of allergens and somewhere you can happily relax and unwind.

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